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Atrophy - Other Diseases of the Supra - Renal Capsule

adrenal and addisons


Allusion nas already been made to this condition as met with in certain cases of Addison's disease where the ordinary symptoms of that disorder have been present.

Atrophy is not a common morbid condition. A few instances have been noted in which one adrenal body was greatly atrophied, and the corresponding organ could not be found. Some degree of wasting occurs as a senile change.

There may be simple atrophy, and atrophy as an apparent result of chronic interstitial inflammation akin to that met with in the kid ney or liver. Atrophy may be discovered after death when no symp toms during life have pointed to such change. The only recognized symptoms have been those of Addison's disease, as already men tioned. Sir William Broadbent has recorded a case where the ad renal was exceedingly small, and the kidneys were extremely shrunken and granular. The adrenal corresponding to the smaller kidney,

which was only three-quarters of an inch in length, preserved its form. The woman from whom these organs were taken died of ure mia. The organs were presumably congenitally small." One of the most remarkable instances was that recorded by Dr. Wickham Legg," where, in a case of Addison's disease, no right adrenal was found, and extreme fibrous degeneration of the left was present. I was present at this autopsy, and Mr. Luther Holden assisted at it. The left organ was a mere shell or fibrous capsule and contained nothing. Fibrous tissue and pigmented fat were all that could be detected in the wall of this adrenal body. Cases have also been well described by Dr. Goodhart" and Dr. Davy of Exeter" in which Addison's disease oc curred with marked atrophy of the adrenals.