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Climate - Gout

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CLIMATE - GOUT The influence of climate, though not wholly decisive as to the in cidence of gout, is very great as a determining cause. In warm countries copious perspiration serves to evacuate the peccant matters that circulate in the fluids of the body.. The heat of the atmosphere retards the oxidation of the tissues, and reduces the desire for food, so that there is less nitrogenous refuse for disposal. If vigorous in truders from the regions of the north attempt to eat and to drink as they have done in their native countries, they soon die of inflammation of the liver and gastro-enteric tract before they have time to attain the articular result toward which their gastronomic efforts are directed. Consequently, the condition upon which acute gout is de pendent for its evolution cannot exist, and the disease remains un known. But the masked forms of latent gout and the allied diseases that are connected with the arthritic diathesis are not uncommon among many of the people in the sub-tropical and temperate regions of the earth. Thus, calculous disorders are comparatively frequent among the inhabitants of Central Asia, from Turkey to China ; and among the Americans " litlnomia" is frequently experienced, while rheumatism prevails everywhere, and falls most impartially upon rich and poor.

Judging from statistics—and there we have a brilliant illustration of the errors that grow out of reliance upon the statistical method without check or counterpoise—the Dutch and the English are the human families who exhibit the greatest predisposition to gout. undoubtedly, they furnish the largest contingent of sufferers; but this is due not so much to their nationality as to their environment and habits of life. The peasants of Scotland and Ireland, living on oatmeal and potatoes washed down with cold water that is only oc casioually tempered with whiskey, never contract the disease. It is unknown among the energetic farmers of America. But, if these country people by any accident attain to affluence, if the. temperate and laborious inhabitants of Asia and the Orient are placed in circum stances that permit the indulgence of unrestrained appetite and in dolence, they quickly accumulate fat, and become gouty like any other votary of leisure and luxury. Even in Africa and Polynesia, where gout is unknown among the common people, obesity and gout are reckoned as enviable insignia of rank.