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First Group Unconditionally Allowable Foods - Diabetes

fish, fresh, smoked and vegetables

FIRST GROUP UNCONDITIONALLY ALLOWABLE FOODS - DIABETES Fresh meat: All the muscular parts of the ox, calf, sheep, pig, horse, deer, wild and domestic birds—roast or boiled, warm or cold, in their own gravy or with mayonnaise sauce.

Internal parts qf animals : Tongue, heart, brain, sweetbreads, kidneys, marrow-bones—served with non-farinaceous sauces.

Preserved meals : Dried or smoked meat, smoked or salt tongue, ham, smoked breast of goose, American canned meats, Australian corned beef.

Fresh fish: All kinds of fresh fish, boiled or broiled, prepared with out bread-crusts or cracker-meal, and served with any kind of non farinaceous sauce, preferably melted butter.

Preserved fish: Dried fish, salt or smoked fish such as codfish, haddock, herring, mackerel, flounders, salmon, sardellen, sprats, eels, lampreys, etc. ; tinned fish, such as sardines in oil, anchovies, etc.

Fish derivatives : Caviar, cod-liver oil.

Shellfish:Oysters, mussels, and other bivalves, lobster, crayfish, crabs, shrimps, turtle.

14Ieat extracts : Meat peptones of all kinds.

Eggs, raw or cooked in any way, but without any admixture of flour.

Fats of all kinds, animal or vegetable.

Fresh vegetables : Green lettuce, endives, cress, spinach, cucumbers, onions, leeks, asparagus, cauliflower, red and white cabbage, sorrel, French beans. The vegetables, as far as they are suited to this mode of preparation, are best cooked with meat broth or a solution of Lie 1 ig's extract and salt, and covered plentifully with butter, lard, suet, or goose fat. The addition of flour is not permissible.

Preserved vegetables : Tinned asparagus, French beans, pickled cu cumbers, in brine or vinegar, mixed pickles, sauerkraut, olives.

Spices : Salt, white or black pepper, Cayenne pepper, curry, cin namon, cloves, nutmeg, English mustard, saffron, aniseseed, caraway seed, parsley, dill, borage, pimpernel, laurel, capers, chives, garlic, etc. Many of these spices contain, indeed, a rather large percentage of carbohydrates, but they are added to the food in such small quan tities that this may be disregarded.

Soups : Clear soups and broths, with or without eggs, marrow, fresh or dried vegetables (Julienne), clear turtle soup, etc.

Cheese : Stracchino, Neufchatel, old Camembert, Gorgonzola, and all other fatty or so-called cream cheeses.

Beverages : All kinds of natural or artificial carbonated waters, either clear or with lemon juice and saccharin or glycerin, or with rum, cognac, whiskey, arrack, cherry brandy, plum brandy, Nordhauser rye whiskey, etc. Light Moselle or Rhine wines, claret, or Burgundy in amounts prescribed by the physician. Coffee, black or with cream, without sugar but sweetened with saccharin if desired. Tea, clear or with cream or rum.