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Rheumatism - Case Iii

hours, pain and bed

RHEUMATISM - CASE III man, wt. 30, robust and well built, had rheumatic fever for the first time four years ago. Was then two months in bed, and three off work.

December 31st, 1878: Two days ago was seized with pain in the right knee. Yesterday the right was a little better, but the left became very painful. To-day the right shoulder and left ankle are also affected. Had little or no sleep last night from severity of pain. Tongue furred; bowels moved by medicine; urine high colored, and depositing pink urates ; skin moist; perspiration acid; pulse 100, respirations 22, temperature 101°. Heart normal. To have thirty grains of salicin every hour for six hours ; then every two.

January 1st, 1879: Felt better after four powders, and by night was so relieved that he slept well, waking up only twice—on each occasion taking a powder. Has taken altogether ten of them, equal to 300 grains of salicin. Is quite free from pain. Felt so well this morning that he got up and dressed, and at time of visit was walking about the house. Was ordered to go to bed. In bed is quite free

from pain; but when walking about the left knee and ankle hurt. Skin covered with acid perspiration ; urine less scanty, of amber color, with slight deposit of urates. Heart normal. Just after getting into bed the pulse was 88, respirations 20, temperature 98.8°. A powder every two hours.

He perspired very freely during the day and in the evening felt so well that he got up again for a couple of hours.

2d: Slept well at night. Took no powder between ten last night and seven this morning. Has had in all eighteen powders, equal to 540 grains. Perspiring freely—secretion acid; has no pains; swelling and tenderness quite gone ; pulse 72, respirations 18, tem perature 98.3°. He was ordered to take the salicin three times a day for ten days. He remained well and resumed work on the 8th of January. In this case the attack was abolished within twenty-four hours.