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Second Group Foods Permissible in Moderate Quantities - Diabetes

grams, sausages and liver

SECOND GROUP FOODS PERMISSIBLE IN MODERATE QUANTITIES - DIABETES These contain carbohydrates, but so little that they need not be considered, and demand no compensation by a reduction in the allow ance of bread. Some of the articles contain a rather large percentage of carbohydrates, but the absolute quantity in which they are con sumed is small.

The amounts here given have been fixed by practical experience, and it will seldom be found necessary to increase them. Of the dishes here given, when they are allowed at all, only a few (from two to four) are to be selected each day. It is possible in this way to secure a great variety in the patient's dietary.

Internal parts of animals : Calves' liver, giblets, up to 100 grams.

Sausages : Liver sausages, preferably the fatter kinds, liver sausage with truffles, black pudding, GO grams. Meat sausages, 80 grams. German sausages, Frankfurter sausages, and the like, brawn, head cheese, sausage-meat balls, 100 grams.

Patties : Pate de foi Bras, potted beef, ham, tongue, salmon, lob ster, anchovies, etc., one-half to one tablespoonful.

English sauces, such as Worcestershire, Harvey, beefsteak, an chovy, lobster, shrimp, India soy, China soy, one teaspoonful.

Cream, from four to six tablespoonfuls a day.

Cacao, prepared without sugar, 25 grams.

Cheese: Emmenthal, Romadur, 60 grams; Gervais, Stilton, Brie, Holland, GruyLv, 50 grams; Edam, Cheddar, Gloucester, Roquefort, Parmesan, 30 grams; Cheshire, 25 grams.


(prepared without flour or sugar) : 5 Teltower turnips; salsify, turnip-rooted celery, turnip cabbage, pumpkin, 2 tablespoon fuls; green peas, beaus, carrots, Brussels sprouts, 1 tablespoonful; LI artichoke; 1 truffle; 5 medium-sized champignous; 1 tablespoon ful of morels or other edible mushrooms.

Raw vegetables: 8 radishes; 2 sticks of celery; 2 medium-sized tomatoes.

.Nuts: 2 walnuts; 6 hazelnuts; 3 almonds; a thin slice of cocoa nut; 8 Brazil nuts. One thin slice of melon; one small tart apple; one or one and a half peach ; one spoonful of raspberries or strawberries; 4 spoonfuls of currants; 6 green gages; 12 cherries; half a medium sized pear; corresponding amounts of other fresh fruits.