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Maintenance of Wood Pavements

surface, pavement and block


The ordinary maintenance of wood pavements, like that of most other pavements, consists in keeping the pavement clean and in repairing from time to time any small breaks that may appear in the surface due to im perfect material or to the settling of the foundation. These repairs would, of course, include the removal of any defective blocks and the taking up and replacing of any portion which may settle out of surface through inefficient support.

It is generally agreed that the wear of a wood surface is improved by giving it an occasional coating of small gravel, in some cases two or three times a year, and permitting it to be ground into the surface for a few days.

When the wood pavement needs renewal or exten sive repairs the surface may be relaid as with any other block pavement : if a permanent foundation be em ployed, by stripping the blocks from the foundation and placing a new surface in the same manner as the first one, with a board foundation that also must be relaid.

Observations made by Mr. Kummer* seem to indi cate that the .continual wetting of a block sur face tends to materially reduce the resistance to wear. Blocks from a street which had been sprinkled "instead of being pounded down and dense and hard, as is the case on streets not so sprinkled, had broomed out under the action of travel and the preservative material mechanically pounded out of the wood by the com bined action of the travel and water. This, of course, leaves the surface of the block unprotected by the antiseptic preservative and subject to decay. It also, in its spongy condition, offers poor resistance to wear. " The surface of wood block pavement does not give off fine dust, and need only be sprinkled sufficiently to be swept clean. For the best results it is necessary that the surface should be kept free from dirt.