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Trees for Streets

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It is always desirable, wherever possible, to have streets, at least those devoted to residential purposes, lined with rows of trees upon each side, both for the purpose of giving shade and to add to the beauty of appearance of the street.

The most satisfactory way of arranging trees is usually to have a tree space between the sidewalk and the curb in which the trees are planted in a straight line along the street. Sometimes in very wide streets a tree space or parking is arranged in the middle of the street with a driveway on each side. Trees should be spaced in the rows at such distances as will permit each tree when fully grown to spread to its full natural dimen sions, which usually requires, for trees ordinarily em ployed, from 25 to 40 feet.

The selection of the variety of trees to be used for this purpose must of course depend upon climatic and local conditions. Those which rapidly attain their full size are usually to be preferred. They should have a graceful form and make a good shade, but the foliage should not be too dense. Evergreens are not

generally desirable for this purpose. Where there is plenty of room for their development the large-grow ing varieties with light foliage are handsome and desir able. The size, however, must be suited to the space, and upon narrow streets, or where the trees are to be close to the buildings, they must be of small growth. The ease with which the tree may be grown and its liability to disease or to be affected by the contamina tions of a city atmosphere must be considered, as the conditions under which street trees must be grown are not usually favorable to their best development.

It is desirable, especially in cities of considerable size, that the planting and care of trees be under con trol of the municipal authorities. Trees may then be set with a view to the best general effect upon the street as a whole; the selection and planting of the trees may be properly done, and the trees after plant ing may be systematically cared for.