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Catalog of Wines of All Nations

red, white, burgundy, moselle, rhine, claret and dry


The alphabetical list commencing at the foot of this page and concluded on page 704, embraces all wines commercially familiar to the trade in this country and enumer ates their chief characteristics. Those distinguished by an asterisk (*) are further described under the headings so marked. Full titles generally include one or more of the terms following : Rouge. Red. Blanc. "White." Doux. Sweet l See uses in article Ordinaire. "Common" or cheap grade. Sec. "Dry" Champagne.

Grand yin. Wine of a high class or cru. Brut. Unsweetened Premier, premiere. "First," as of crus or classes. Crdmant. Moderately sparkling.

Vierge. First pressing (of the grapes). Mousseux. Effervescent (as champagne). Vieux, or Vieille. Old.

The word Haut is explained in the article on Bordeaux wines (white) ; C/os in Bur gundy; Cru and Chateau in Claret, and Mas in Hermitage.

Rot. Red. Weiss. "White." Berg. Mountain. Hof. Manor house.

Ausbruch. First pressing (of the grapes). Schloss. Castle.

Auslese. Selected (grapes). Siiss, Siisser. Sweet. Trocken. "Dry." Cabinet. Signifying "very choice." Sekt. Champagne. Sparkling.

Feinste. Finest. Very delicate. Perlen. Sparkling.

Keller-Abzug. Chateau-bottling. Schaum. Moussieren. Foaming.

Essenz. "Essence" (see description in TORAY). Effervescent.

Rosso. Red. Bianco. White. Secco. "Dry." Spumante. Sparkling.

Dolce. Sweet. Amabile. Light and delicate. Many Italian wines are classified by French terms, instead of their Italian equivalents.

Where used without any qualification, the word Claret signifies Red Bordeaux wine (see article on CLARET) . Note that Chateau clarets are listed under "Chateau" instead of alphabetically by the name of the estate.

When used without any qualification, the terms Rhine Wine and Moselle signify white Rhine and Moselle wines.

The most important articles and items, found in their alphabetical positions, to which the catalog is subsidiary, are the following : American Wines, Angelica, Bor deaux, Burgundy, Cabernet, Canary, Catawba, Cette Wines, Champagne, Claret, Dela ware, Greek Wines, Hermitage, Hungarian and Austrian Wines, Italian Wines, Madeira, Malmsey, Muscat, Port, Portuguese Wines, Rhine and Moselle Wines, Riesling, Rivesaltes, Sack, Saumur, Scuppernong, Sherry, Spanish Wines, Swiss Wines, Tokay, Vermouth and Zinfandel.

Avallon. Red Burgundy.

Avelsbacher. Moselle.

Ayler Kupp. Moselle.

Azambuja. Portuguese, red, full-bodied, tart, spirituous.

B Bacchus. Aromatic, gold Santorin (Greek). Bacharach. Rhine Wine—a variety formerly of great repute.

Badacsonyer. Baillio. Red, dry, full-bodied Swiss.

Baja. South Italy, white. Bakacsinyer-Bralenwein. White Hungarian. Bakator. White Hungarian (Arad).

Baraya. Red Hungarian.

Barbera. 1—ITALIAN.* 2—U. S., red, Burgundy style.

Bari. Sweet gold Italian muscat.

Barolo. Barra-a-Barra. Red Portuguese.

Barsac. White BORDEAUX.* Bfttard-Montrachet. White Burgundy (Class II.). Baumes. HERMITAGE.* See also Bommes in BORDEAUX (White).

Baumoehl. White Moravian.

Beaujolais. Red BURGUNDY.* Beaumont. 1—Red Burgundy (Class III.). 2— Tawny, sweet Australian, natural-port style. Beaune. Red Beaune-greves. Red Burgundy (Class III.). Beblenheimer. White Reichenweyer Lorraine).

Bel Air. Claret.

Bellinzona. Red Swiss.

Beni Carlo. Red Spanish, Burgundy-style. Bergama. White Austrian (Carniola).

Bergerac. Red and white, from Dordogne, France. Berkowitzer. Red and white Bohemian. Berliquet. Claret.

Berncasteler. Moselle (see RHINE WINE). Bessar. HERMITAGE.* Beychevelle. Claret.

Beziers. Burgundy-style, from Herault, France. Bigama. Golden Illyrian (Austria).

Binger. RHINE Blanquefort. 1—Claret. 2—White Bordeaux. Blanquette. White, still and sparkling, sweet and dry, from South France.

Blaye. Claret.

Blume der Nahe. White German, Moselle-type. Blume von Johannisberg. Sparkling Moselle. Bocellas (Bucellas). Bocksteiner. Moselle.

Bodendorfer. Red Rhine Wine.

Bodenheimer. RHINE WINE.* Bodenthaler. Rhine Wine.

Bommes. White BORDEAUX.* Bonardo. Red dry Italian.

Bonnes-Mares. Red Burgundy (Class II). Bordagno. Red dry Italian.

Bordeaux Wines. See CLARET and BORDEAUX (white) Bosenheimer. White German, Moselle-style, Nahe Valley.

Botzen. Numerous varieties from German Tyrol. Boudots. Red Burgundy (Class III.).

Boudry. Dry, ruby Swiss.

Bourg. Red, from Saumur district, France. Bourgogne. French for Bouzy. Champagne-type from Bouzy, Marne, France.

Bracheto, Bracheto Spumante. Red Italian, still and sparkling.

Bratelbrunn. White Moravian. Brauneberger. Moselle. Briedeler. Moselle.

Brunner. White Austrian. Bual. MADEIRA.* Bucellas. Budai. HUNGARIAN.* Bukkalla. Australian, red and white.

Burger. U. S., Rhine-style. Buxy. White Burgundy.