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white, red, wine, rhine, sweet, swiss, italian and austrian

CLARET.* Rauzan Segla Rieussec. White It Rochet. " Romer. White Bordeaux ( second growth).

St. Bris. White Bordeaux.

St. Exupery. Claret. St. Georges. Claret. St. Pierre. CLARET.* gg Salins. White, Alsace-Lorraine.

Sauau. White Bordeaux (second growth). c, Suduiraut. White Talbot. CLARET.* de Tastes. White Bordeaux.

du Tertre. Tivoli. Claret.

Les Trois-Moulins. Claret.

" Vieux-Certan. Claret.

Vigneau. White BORDEAUX.* " Ville: George. Claret.

" Yquem. White Chebres. White dry Swiss.

Chevalier-Montrachet. White Burgundy (Class II.).

Chianti. Chusclan. Sweet rose-colored, from Rhone district, France.

Cividino. White Italian.

Clairette. 1—Numerous white varieties from the Clairette grape, South France. 2—Sweet U. S., chiefly white.

Clavoillon. Red Burgundy.

Clevener. White German (Baden district). Coberne.r. Moselle.

Cocoules. Colares. Light Portuguese, red and white. Colombier. 1—HERMITAGE.* 2—Dry ruby Swiss. Combettes. White Burgundy.

Commanderia. Sweet red Cyprus.

Como. Greek, brilliant, port-style.

Completer. White dry Swiss.

Conaifesto. Red Portuguese.

Concise. Dry ruby Swiss.

Concord. U. S. red (claret) and white.

Condrieu. Still white, pale to deep amber, Rhone district, France.

Constancia. Liqueur-style wine from the vicinity of Cape Town, S. Africa. There are three chief varieties—Red, Sweet Pontac (dark and syrupy) and Fontignae (or "White").

Coquembay. White Swiss.

Corinth wines. Cortaillod. Swiss.* Corton. Red (Class II.).

Corvees (Clos des). Red Burgundy.

Corvini. Italian, red, dry, rather harsh.

Cosne. Red, dry, from Loire Valley, France. Costamser. Red dry Swiss.

Costieres. Still, red, from South France.

Cote d'Or. Cote Rotie. Still, purplish, aromatic, from Rhone district, France.

Meaux de Marc. Claret.

Cras Murge. Red Burgundy (Class III.). Cremant Rose. Rose-colored sparkling Hungarian. Croznovano. White Roumanian.

Csomborder. Transylvanian (Austria) Riesling. Cueser. Moselle.

Cyprus Wine. Sweet, generally rich and spirituous, topaz to dark, and inclined to liqueur style. Czernoseker. White Bohemian.

D Dacarella. Sicilian, amber, sweet.

Dame Blanche. White Bordeaux.

Dattenberger. Red Rhine Wine.

Deidesheimer. Palatinate (see RHINE WINE) DELAWARE. * Deselay. Swiss.* Dhroner. Moselle.

Dionnieres. Dolcetto. Red Italian.

Donski. Russian "champagne" from the Don Vineyards.

Douro. Natural wine from the Douro district, Portugal. See PORT.

Diirkheimer. Rhine Wine.

Dulce. Syrupy, spirituous Spanish.

Ebernburger. White German, from Nahe Valley. Echezeaux. Red Burgundy (Class III.). Edelweiss. Rhine Wine, still and sparkling.

Egri. Eiblingen. Rhine Wine.

Eichberger. Sweet white Austrian.

Eisenberger. White Hungarian.

Eisenthurer. White Austrian.

Eltviller Sonnenberg. Rhine Wine.

Enkircher. Moselle.

Enzerdorfer. White Austrian.

Epanner. White Austrian (German Tyrol). Epineul. From lower Burgundy, chiefly red and sparkling.

Erbacher. Rhine Wine.

Erbametto. Red dry Italian.

Erdener. Moselle (see RHINE WINE) .

Erlauer. Red Hungarian.

Ermellecker. White Hungarian.

Ermite, Ermitage. HERMITAGE.* Ernster. Moselle.

Eschendorfer. Still white German, from Main Valley.

Estargel. Still, red, from Pyrenees-Orientales, France.

Est (Vino dell'). Red Italian.

Pale/MO. Falkensteiner. Red Austrian.

Farnese. Sweet oily Greek muscat.

Faro. 1—Red Portuguese. 2—A light Belgian beer.

Faverge. Swiss.* Feilsen. Saar (see RHINE WINE) .

Felseneck. Rhine Wine.

Ferdistan. Sweet Persian, red and white. Ferriere. Red Burgundy (Class III.).

Reyes. Red Burgundy.

Fino. Flandorfer. Red Hungarian.

Floirac. 1—Claret. 2—Red, sweet, South France.

Florence. Red, full bodied Italian.

Forli. Red Italian.

Forst, Forster. Palatinate (see Rum WINE). Frainsteiner. White, from German Tyrol. Franconia Wines. See RHINE WINE.

Frauenfeld. Red Swiss.

Freisa. Red dry Italian.

Friauler. Dark Illyrian (Austria).

Fronsac. Claret.

Frontignac. 1—Red and white muscat, from South France. 2—U. S. muscat. 3—Constancia. Furls d'Ischia. South Italian, white.

G Gattinara. Red Italian.

Geierslayer Neuberger. Moselle.

Geisenheimer. RHINE Genevrieres. White Burgundy (Class II.). Geropiga. Sweet Portuguese, liqueur-style, red and white.

Gimmeldinger. White German.

Glacier. Glenpara. Spirituous Australian, red and white. Gnadlersdorfer. Mild Moravian.

Goldeck. White Austrian.

Gomera. Red sweet Canary.

Gonobitzer. Sweet red Austrian.

Goutte d'or. White Burgundy (Class II.). Gouvio. Red, full flavored Portuguese.

Graacher. Moselle (see RHINE WINE) . Grafenberger. White German.

Grafenstein. White German.

Gragnano. Red Italian.

Grand Puy Lacoste. Claret.

Graves. White Greffieux. Grenache. Still, red, sweet, from South France, Grignolino. Dark full Italian.

Gringet. Swiss.* Grinzinger. White Austrian.

Gros-Vimeau. White Bordeaux.

Gruaud-Larose. Claret.

Grunauei. Sweet white Austrian.

Gruneberger. White Prussian.

Griinhatiser. Ruwer (Moselle).

Guiognieres. Red Hermitage.

Gumpoldskirchner. See HUNGARIAN AND AUSTRIAN. Gunstramdorfer. White Austrian.

Guntersblumer. Rhine Wine.

Gutedel. German and U. S. white wines from Gutedel grapes.

Hallauer. Red dry Swiss. Hallgartner. Rhine Wine.

Haneadan. Sweet Persian, red and white. Hattenheimer. RHINE WINE.* Haugsdorfer. White Austrian.

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