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red, white, france, claret and austrian

RIVESALTES.* Rol (Clos du). Red Burgundy (Class III.). Romanee, Romanee Conti. Red BURGUNDY.* Romanee St. Vivant. Red Burgundy (Class II.). Roquemaure. Dry, rose-colored, Rhone district. Rosa (Vin doux). Sweet, rose-tinted, from Mt.


Rosomo.* Rota. See Tinto de Rota, this list.

Rothenberger. Rhine Wine.

Roucoule. Red Hermitage.

Roussillon. Fruity, spirituous, deep-colored, dry and sweet, from Pyrenees-Orientales, France.

Roveredo. Red Austrian (Italian Tyrol). Reasamaler. Red Transylvanian (Austria). Ruberberger. Moselle.

Rudesheimer. RHINE WINE.* Ruffino. White Italian.

Ruppertsberger. Palatinate (see RHINE WINE). Rusivica. Deep red, sweet Dalmatian (Austria) Ruster, or Ruszti. HUNGARIAN.* Ruwersteiner. Moselle-type, Ruwer Valley. Ruy. Red, from Isere, France.

Sabayes. White Spanish.

Sacra Tent. SPANISH.* Sagunto. Red Spanish.

St. Andre. Claret.

" Cancian. White Illyrian (Austria). " Chef. Red, from Isere, France.

" Chrystoly. Claret.

" Chrystol.

Red, sweet, from Herault, France.

" Drewry.

" Elie. GREEK.* " Emilion.

" Estephe.

" Etienne. Claret.

" Genies. Sweet, rose-colored, from Rhone dis trict, France.

" Georger. White Hungarian (Pressburg).

" Georges. Red, sweet, from Herault, France. " Georges (Clos). Red Burgundy (Class II.). " Gervais. Claret.

" Gilles. Spirituous purple, from South France. " Hippolyte. 1—Claret. 2—White Reichenweyer (Alsace-Lorraine).

" Julien. " Lambert. Claret.

" Laurent. Claret.

" Laurent des Arabes. Dry, red, from Drome, France.

" Loubes. Claret.

" Macaire. Claret.

" Magdalene. Red Austrian (German Tyrol).

" Martin de Mazerat. Claret.

" Peray. Dry, white, sparkling and still, from Rhone district, France.

" Pey-de-Langon. White Bordeaux.

" Pierre. Claret.

" Prex. Deep red, spirituous Swiss.

" Saom. Red, from Isere, France.

" Saphorin. White dry Swiss.

" Verand. Red, from Isere, France.

" Vivien. Claret.

Salarem. Red Portuguese.

Salces. Red, sweet, from South Franca.

Salurner. Red and white Austrian (German Tyrol).

Salvaguin. Deep red, spirituous Swiss.

San Michele. Red Austrian (Italian Tyrol). San Sidero. Sicilian, amber, sherry-style.

Santa Venera. Red soft spirituous Sicilian. Santenay. Red Burgundy.

Santenot. Burgundy, red and white.

Santo, Santorin. Sartena. Sweet red Corsican.

Sassela. Red dry Italian.

Sausaler. White Austrian.

Sauternes. White Sauvignon. Several kinds from Sauvignon grapes.

Savigny. Red Burgundy.

Scharlachberger. RHINE Scharzberger, Scharzhofberger. Saar (see RHINE WINE) .

Schottan. White Moravian.

Schiersteiner. Rhine Wine.

"Schiller" wines. A class of pale light Austrian. Schlossberger. White German, Moselle-style, Nahe Valley.

Schmitsberger. Sweet white Austrian.

Schonberg Riesling. White Reichenweyer (Alsace Lorraine).

Schrattenthaler. Red Austrian.

Schwabenheimer. Rhine Wine.

Schwanberger. Light red Austrian.