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Sauces and Relishes

chief and sauce

SAUCES AND RELISHES: as they concern the grocer, are bottled mixtures of extracts of condiments, vegetables, fruits, etc., for use with meats, fish, soups and various other foods. They have been employed for culinary and table purposes since the time of the ancient Romans. Many of them are based on wine, but vinegar is the most common liquid component.

Commercial sauces of the Worcestershire kind, if of good quality, generally have SoY (which see) as their chief character 'ingredient. A typical formula of Worcester shire-style includes, in addition to Vinegar and Soy, a considerable percentage of lime juice, onions and tamarinds and small quantities of garlic, fish (as anchovies or pickled herrings), red chilies and spices. The product, after cooking, is strained through fine hair sieves. Leicester Sauce resembles Worcestershire in general charac teristics but is less pungent.

Other examples of commercial sauces are Anchovy Essence and similar types, Catsup, Chili Sauce, Tabasco, etc., listed elsewhere under their respective headings.

Professional cookery includes a great variety of sauces. The two chief fundamen tal types are Espagnole, which serves as the stock or basis for a great many brown sauces, and Veloute, the chief white sauce. Both of these are described in their alphabetical positions. Béarnaise, Béchamel, Hollandaise and a number of other exam ples, are listed in the Dictionary of Culinary Terms in the APPENDIX.

Salad Dressings:

are ready-made preparations for dressing salads, conveniently put up in bottles. They are sometimes named according to the character of the for mulas used, as Mayonnaise, etc., but are more often known by trade titles. Good brands find a ready sale.