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red, white, sweet, dry and wine

SCUPPERNONG.* Seewein. White Austrian (German Tyrol). Sercial. MADEIRA.* Sestri Levante. White Italian, from Genoa. Setural. White Portuguese.

Shiebbs. White Austrian.

Shiraz. Sweet rich Persian—red, amber and white. Sieblingener. White dry Swiss.

Simonthurn. Sweetish red Hungarian.

Siracusa. ITALIAN.* Sittersdorfer. Deep red Illyrian (Austria). Sliwowitz. White Hungarian. See also SLIVOVITZ (liqueur).

Solera. See SHERRY. The term is also similarly employed in Madeira.

Som, or Sombor. Delicate white Transylvanian (Austria).

Somlauer, or Somloi. Sommerauer. Moselle.

Sonoma (sparkling). U. S. champagne-style, named after the County of Sonoma, Cal. "SPANISH REDS."* Stadtberger. Light red Illyrian (Austria). Steeger. Rhine Wine.

Steffensberger. Moselle.

Steinberger. 1—RHINE WINE.* 2—Austrian. Steinwein. Franconia (see RHINE WINE) .

Strasser. White Austrian.

Straw Wine. The pressings of very ripe grapes which have been dried on reed or straw mats. Syrupy, spirituous and sometimes slightly acidulated.

Styrian Wines. Austrian wines from the province of Styria—Luttenberger, Schiller, etc., and "Styrian Champagne." Sultzmelt. Still, white, from Alsace-Lorraine. Sunbury. Delicate red dry Australian.

Syracuse. "Siracusa" (ITALIAN).* Syrmier. White Hungarian.

Szamorodni, Szamorodnyer. Szegszarder. HUNGARIAN.* Tabris. Sweet Persian, red and white. Tarragona Port. See PORT.

Tart (Clos de). Red Burgundy (Class II). Tavannes (Clos). Red Burgundy.

Tavel. Very dry, rose-colored, from Rhone district.


Teher. Sweet Persian, red and white. Temprano. White Australian, sherry-style. Teneriffe. Terasse, La. Red, from Isere. France. Terlauer. White Austrian (German Tyrol).

Terma. White, light bodied Portuguese.

Termo Tinto. Red Portuguese.

Terran. Mild, deep-colored Illyrian (Austria). Terre Forte. Very strong Sicilian.

Tetenyer. Slightly sweet, deep red Hungarian. Thaurey. Red Burgundy (Class III.).

Thera. Greek, dry-Madeira:style.

Thiergaertner. Moselle.

Thurgau. Swiss, red and white.

Tintara. Tawny strong Australian.

Tinto de Rota. Dry red Spanish.

Tipo Chianti—Asti, etc. Wines of Chianti, Asti and kindred style or "type," made in America.

Tofalver. Transylvanian (Austria) Riesling. Toggenburger. White Austrian (German Tyrol).

ToicAY.* Tonnerre. Burgundy-style, from Yonne, France. Topaz Villa Flor. Aromatic, dry and sweet, Portuguese.

Torre Giulia. Italian, red and white. Torres-Vedris. Pale red, sweet Portuguese. Trabener. Moselle (see RHINE WINE).

Traminer. White German and Austrian, from Traminer 'grapes.

Trarbacher. Moselle.

Trebbiano. Gold syrupy Italian.

Tfittenheimer. Moselle.

Trockenbeer. Rhine Wine.

Trogslaver. Red and white Bohemian.

Trojer. White Bohemian. _ Tfirkheimer. White, from Alsace-Lorraine and S. W. Germany.

U "'chard. Red, sweet, from South France. T.Jerziger. Moselle.

Ungsteiner. White German.

Uvaccia. Syrupy, spirituous Austrian (Istria). Uvaggio. Any Italian wine from mixed grapes.

V Val de penas. Spanish—(1) white, sweet; (2) dry sub-bitter red.

Valence, or Valencia. Red sweet Spanish. Valmagra. Red dry Italian.

Valpolicello. Red dry Italian.

Varognes. HERMITAGE.* Vaucrains. Red Burgundy (Class III.).

Vauvert. Red, sweet, from South France. Veltelin. Red Swiss.

Verdeilho. 2—Australian wine of Madeira type.