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Smoked Meats

hams, bacon and ham

SMOKED MEATS: need especially careful attention during the summer months.

For a discriminating class of trade, "canvassed" are preferable to "naked" hams and bacon. Under present methods of government and state inspection, the consumer is reasonably sure that the ham that he purchases came from an animal in sound health, and that it was cured under cleanly surroundings, but unless it is wrapped or can vassed, much of this precaution may be offset by carelessness and uncleanliness in the handling of it afterwards. The canvas serves as a protection both during the delivery of the meat to the retailer and while it remains in his possession—right up to the moment of delivery to the consumer.

Canvassed hams and bacons received in quantities, should not be allowed to lie • packed any longer than necessary.

Mold on hams and bacons is not a sign of poor quality or deterioration. If it appears on "naked" or unwrapped hams, it may be easily removed by rubbing with a cloth slightly moistened with sweet oil or lard. This application is sometimes desir able even when no mold appears, as it tends to prevent its formation and gives the meat a bright, fresh appearance.

A simple and inexpensive method of keeping "naked" smoked meats in hot weather, is to put them into paper flour saeks, tying the tops with strong twine and then hanging them from the ceiling, where the air can pass between them.

Smoked or dried sliced meat put up iu tin should be removed immediately after opening, as atmospheric contact sets up oxidation and the contents are rendered unfit for use.

With the exception of a few special varieties, such as Virginia, Westphalia, etc., which are credited with improving with one or two years' keeping, the best ham and bacon, other things being equal, is that which is the freshest cured. Formerly, the smoking was practically suspended during hot weather, but modern mechanical refrig eration makes it possible to cure hams and bacon of the finest quality every day of the year.

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