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WHITE Haut Barsac Haut Cerons. White Bordeaux.

Haut Sauternes. White BORDEAUX.* Heidesheimer. Red Rhine Wine. Heiligengeistwein. Franconia (see RHINE WINE). Hemsberger. White German, Odenwald District. Herault. See CETTE WINES.

Herbemont. U. S., rosy-white, sherry-style. Hermitage. 1—See HERMITAGE. 2—Rich red Australian.

Herrenberger. Rhine Wine.

Hesslocher. Rhine Wine.

Highercomoe. Dry Australian, amber and ruby. Hochenburger. Light red Austrian.

"Hock," Hochheimer. RHINE Hoersteiner. White German, Main Valley. Hoertenberger. Red Austrian (German Tyrol). Homburger. White German, Main Valley. Hubberger. White German, Odenwald District. Hunneweyer. White Rappoltsweiler, Alsace-Lor raine.

Hymettus. GREEK.* Ihringen. White German, Baden district. Imperial Blanco. White light aromatic Spanish. Ingelheimer. Red RHINE Irrewang. Red dry Australian.

Isere. Red Austrian (Italian Tyrol).

Itzsteiner. White German, Moselle-style, Nahe Valley.

Ives. U. S., Jarrie. Still, red, from Isere, France. Jassy-Nicorestic. Red Roumanian.

Jerez (Xeres). See SHERRY.

Jerusalemer. White Austrian.

Johannisberger. RHINE Jonquieres. Still, red, from South France. Josefshofer. Moselle.

Jurancon. Aromatic white U. S.

Kaisersberger. 1—Sweet white Austrian. 2 Reichenweyer (Alsace-Lorraine), red and white.

Kakhetian. Aromatic, red, from the Caucasus. Kalavrita. Greek, liqueur-style.

Kalterer. White Austrian (German Tyrol). Kapunda. Red Australian, resembling young port. Karlburger. White German, Main Valley. Karlowitzer. HUNGARIAN.* Karthauser. Moselle.

Kasbin. Sweet Persian, red and white. Kausenberger. White German, Moselle-style, Nahe Valley.

Kephisia. Dry Greek, red and white.

Kiedricher Grafenberg. Rhine Wine.

Kientzheim. Reichenweyer (Alsace-Lorraine), red and white.

Kinheimer. Rhine Wine.

Kirchberger. White German, Baden district. Kissihel. Alsace-Lorraine, white.

Klentnitz. White Moravian.

Klingelberger. White German, Baden district. Klosterberger. Moselle.

Klosterneuberger. White Austrian, liqueur-style. Koenigsbacher. Palatinate (see RHINE WINE ) .

Kokelbilrger. Gold Transylvanian (Austria). Kolleser. White Austrian.

Kostheimer. Rhine Wine.

Kreutzberger. Red Rhine Wine.

Krimski. Russian "champagne" produced in the Crimea.

Zuechelberger. White Austrian (German Tyrol). Ktitterle. Alsace-Lorraine, white.

Kynousia. Greek, several styles, still and sparkling.

Labin. Bohemian, red and white. LaCete. Swiss.* La Croix. White Bordeaux. 2—Rouge, Claret.

Lacryma Christi. 1—ITALIAN.* 2—Sweet Greek. Lacryma di Castellamare, Lacryma di Tiherii. Italian, similar to Lacryma Christi.

Lafite, Lafite Talence. Claret.

La Lagune. Claret.

Lalande Pomerol. Claret.

Lamalonga. Red, rather sweet Portuguese. LaMarque. White Swiss.

Lamego. Red Portuguese.

Langlade. Red, sweet, from South France. Langres (Clos des). Red Burgundy.

Larose. Claret.

LaTache. Latour Martillac. Claret.

Laubenheimer. RHINE Laudau. Light, sparkling, from Rhone district, France.

Lavardio. Red dry Ledenon. Red, sweet, from South France.

Leggi (Vino di). A Greek wine manufactured by Hebrews for the use of co-religionists. Leistenwein. Franconia (see RHINE WINE). Leitacher. Red Austrian (German Tyrol). Leoville, Leoville Barton, etc. Claret. Liebfraumilch. RHINE Lieserer. Moselle.

Lipari. Red and white muscat from Lipari Islands.

Lirac. Very dry, rose-colored, from Rhone district, France.

Lissubon. White dry Portuguese.

Listrac. Claret.

Locarno. Red Swiss.

Longueville. Alsace-Lorraine, still white. Lons-le-Saulier. Several varieties, sparkling and still, from the Jura, France.

Lorch. Red Rhine Wine.

Lormont. Claret.

Lugarno. Red Swiss.

Luttenberger. See HUNGARIAN AND AUSTRIAN. Lunel. Still white, sweet, from South France.

M Macau. Claret.

Maccaheo. 1—RIVESALTES.* 2—Madeira from the Maccaheo grape.

Macon. Red Madrina. Deep red, sweet Dalmatian (Austria). Magyarater. HUNGARIAN.* Mailberger. White Austrian.

Maizemino. Red Austrian (Italian Tyrol). Maizieres (Clos de). Red Burgundy.

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