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colour, iron and wood

ISER1NE, in mineralogy, a species of the Menachine genus : it is of an iron black, inclining a little to the brownish black ; it occurs in small, obtuse, angular grains, and in rolled pieces, with a rough glimmering surface. Internally it is glis tering., and its lustre is semi-metallic. Specific gravity 4.5. Before the blow pipe, it melts into a blackish-brown coloured glass, which is slightly attracted by the magnet. It is composed of Oxide of menachine . 59.1 iron 30 1 uran 10 2 99.4 Loss.......6 100.0 It bears a great resemblance to iron sand in colour, but in specific gravity it differs, as also in its being very slightly attractable by a powerful magnet. It is found on high mountains in Germany.

ISliRTIA, in botany, a genus of the Ilexandria Monogynia class and order. Essential character : calyx coloured, four or six-toothed ; corolla six-cleft, funnel form ; pome sub-globular, six celled, many seeded. There is but one species, viz. I.

coccinea, a tree with a trunk ten ortwelve feet in height, and about eight inches in diameter ; the bark is wrinkled, and of a russet colour ; the wood light, and of a loose texture ; branches quadrangular, straight, with opposite branchlets, chan nelled and covered with a russet down ; each branchlet has three flowers, of which that in the middle is sessile ; calyx pur plish ; tube of the corolla two inches long Of a bright red ; border yellow, covered on the inside with hairs of the same colour ; fruit a succulent red berry or pome, the size of a cherry, sweet and good to eat. The wood is bitter ; a decoction of leaves is used by the Creoles in fomen lations. It is common in the island of Cayenne, and on the continent of Guia na, flowering and bearing fruit a great part of the year.