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tree, worms and fruit

JUGLANS, in botany, -walnut tree, a ge nus of the Monoecia Polyandria class and order. Natural order of Amentacex. Terebintacex, Jussieu. Essential cha racter: male, calyx one-leafed, scale fOrm ; corolla six-parted filaments eigh teen ; female, calyx four-cleft, superior ; corolla four-parted ; styles two; drupe with a grooved nucleus. There are eight species, of which J. regia, common wal nut, is a very large and lofty tree, with strong spreading boughs. There are se veral varieties, but they all vary again when raised from the seed, and nuts from the same tree will produce different fruit: persons, therefore, who plant the walnut for its fruit, should make choice of the trees in the nurseries when they have their fruit upon them. In France, Swit zerland, &c. the wood is in great request for furniture, as it was formerly in Eng land, till the use of mahogany superseded it ; it is in great repute with the joiner, for the best grained and coloured wains cot; with the gun-smith, for stocks ; with the coach-maker, for wheels and the bo dies of coaches ; with the cabinet-maker, for inlayings, especially the firm and close timber about the root, which is admirable for flecked and cambleted works. to

render this wood the better coloured, joiners put the boards into an oven, after the batch is out, or lay them in a warm stable ; and when they work it, polish it over with its own oil very hot, which makes it look black and sleek, and the ol der it is the more estimable. The husks and leaves being macerated in warm wa ter, and the liquor poured on grass walks and bowling-greens, will infallibly kill the worms, without endangering the grass. Not that there is any thing peculiarly noxious in this decoction; but worms can not bear the application of any thing bit ter to their bodies, which is the reason that bitters, such as gentian, are the best destroyers of worms lodged in the bodies of animals.