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period, epocha and found

JULIAN period, in chronology, a sys tem or period of 7980 years, found by multiplying the three cycles of the sun, moon, and indiction, into one another. See CuRoxoLoc Y.

This period was called the Julian, not because invented by Julius Cxsar ; since the Julian epochs was not received till the year 4669, but because the system consists of Julian years. This epocha is not historical, but artificial, being invented only for the use of true epochas ; for Scaliger, considering that the calculation was very intricate in using the years of the creation, the years before Christ, or any other epocha whatever, in regard that another person could not understand what year this or that writer meant ; to remove such doubts in the computation of time, he thought of this period : which commencing 710 years before the begin ning of the world, the various opinions concerning other cpochas may commodi ously be referred to it. See Erocui..

The most remarkable uses of the Ju lian period are as follow : 1. That we can explain our mind to one another, for eve ry year in this period has its peculiar cy cles, which no other year in the whole period has ; whereas, on the contrary, if we reckon by the years of the world, we must first enquire how many years any other reckons from the creation to the year of Christ, which multiple-inquisition is troublesome and full of difficulties, accord ing to the method of other periods. 2. That the three cycles of the sun, moon and indiction, are easily found in this pe riod. 3. That if it be known how the chronological characters are to be found in this period, and how the years of any other epocha are to be connected with the years of it, the same characters also may, with little labour, be applied to the years of all other epochas.