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KIDNAPPING, is the forcibly taking and carrying away a man, woman or child, from their own country, and sending them to another. This is an offence at com mon law, and punishable by fine, impri sonment, and pillory. By statute 11 and 12 William Ill, c. 7, if any captain of a merchant vessel shall, during his being abroad, force any person on shore, and wilfully leave. him behind, or refuse to bring home all such men as he carried out, if able and desirous to return, he shall suffer three months imprisonment. Exclusive of the above punishment for this, as it Criminal offence, the party may recover; upon an action for compensation in damages for the civil injury KttlIii.ELARIA, in botany, so named from Francis Kiggelar of Holland, a genus of the Dioecia Decandria class and order. Natural order of Columniferx. Euphor bkv, Jussieu. Essential character : male, calyx five-parted ; corolla five-petall glands five, three-lobed ; anthers perforated at the tip : female, calyx and corolla as in the male ; styles five ; capsule one-celled, five valved, many seeded. There is but one species, viz.

K. africana, This plant grows natural ly at the Cape of Good Hope, where it rises to a tree of middling stature; the branches have a smooth bark, which is at first green, afterwards it changes to a purplish colour: the leaves are about three inches long and one broad, sawed on their edges, standing upon short foot stalks alternately. The flowers come out in clusters from the side of the branches, hanging downwards ; they are of an her baceous white colour, appearing in May, at which time the plants are thinly gar nished with leaves, most of the old ones dropping off just before the new leaves appear. The male flowers WI away soon after their farina is shed ; but the herma phrodite, or female flowers,are succeeded by globular fruit, the size common red cherries ; the cover of these is very rough, and of a thick opening in five valves at the top, having one cell filled with small angular seeds. These fruits have grown to their full size in the Chel sea garden ; but the seeds have rarely come to maturity.