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Pharmaceutical Preparations

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The classes into which these are divided have a considerable difference, as well in number as in arrangement, in our dif ferent collegiate Pharmacopoeias. That of the London College in present use is become perfectly obsolete, both in order and nomenclature. To the nomenclature of the Edinburgh we have little to object, but cannot altogether approve of its or der. Why the Sulphurea should lead the way, and be so far separated from the Are tallica, with which they are so intimately connected by nature, we know not. We have reason to believe, that the forth coming Pharmacopoeia of the London College, will, in this, as well as in several other respects, evince a more systematic attention. In the mean time, while we give the general heads of both, we shall take the liberty of arranging them in the following manner: 1. Acida, acids.

2. Alkalina, alkalines.

3. Terrea, earths.

4. Sulphurea, sulphureous prepara tions.

5. Metallica, metalline preparations.

6. Olea fixata, fixed oils.

7., Aquae distillatre, distilled waters.

8. Olea volatilia, volatile oils.

9. Spiritus distillati, distilled spirits.

10. Decocta, decoctions.

11. 1nfusa, infusions.

12. Syrupi, syrups.

13. Meliita, medicated honeys.

14. Misturz et emulsiones, mixtures and emulsions.

15. Aceta, medicated vinegars.

16. Tincturze, tinctures.

17. iEtherea, ethereals and alcohols, 18. Vina, medicated wines.

19. Extracta, extracts.

20. Pulveres, powders.

21. Confectiones, confections.

22. Trochisci, troches.

23. Pilulm, pills.

24. Cataplasmata, cataplasms.

25. Linimenta, liniments.

26. Unguenta, ointments.

27. Cerata, cerates.

28. Emplastra, plasters.