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edge, wood and straight

PLANE, in joinery, an edged tool, or instrument for paring and shaving of wood smooth. It consists of a piece of wood, very smooth at bottom, as a stock or shaft ; in the middle of which is an aperture, through which a steel-edge, or chisel, placed obliquely, passes ; this being very sharp, takes off the inequa lities of the wood it is slid along. Planes have various names, according to their various forms, sizes, and uses : as, 1. The fare-plane, which is a very long one, and is usually that which is first used : the edge of its iron or chisel is not ground straight, but rises with a convex arch in the middle ; its use is to take off the greater irregularities of the stuff; and to prepare it for the smoothing-plane. 2. The smoothing-plane is short and small, its chisel being finer : its use is to take off the greater irregularities left by the fore-plane, and to prepare the wood for the jointer. 3. The jointer is the longest of all; its edge is very fine, and does not stand out above an hair's breadth ; it is chiefly used for shooting the edge of a board perfectly straight, for jointing tables, &c. 4. The strike-block, which

is like the jointer, but shorter : its use is to shoot short joints. 5. The rabbit plane, which is used in cutting the up per edge of a board, straight or square, down into the Muff; so that the edge of another cut after the same manner, may join in with it,` on the square ; it is also used in striking facias on mould ings; the iron or chisel of this plane is as broad as its stock, that the angle may cut straight, and it delivers its shavings at the sides, and not at the top, like the others. 6. The plough, which is a narrow-rabbit plane, with the addition of two staves, on which are shoulders : its use is to plough a nar row square groove on the edge of a board. 7. Moulding-planes, which are of various kinds, accommodated to the various forms and profiles of the mould ing; as the round-plane, the hollow plane, the ogee, the snipe's bill, &c. which are all of several sizes, from 114 an inch to an inch and a half.