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"Well, suppose I did vote wrong on that question, you're not going to turn against me because I made one mistake, are you?" "I never thought about it that way, Abe. I'm with you." It's possible that we have "flashed in the pan" on one of your orders.

If you think we have fallen short of our ideal—if, in your estimation, you have not always received a square deal—will you write me personally all about it? I feel sure that I can make it right.

I am sending you a copy of our special bargain list, "THRIFT." Its name well describes its purpose. It will show you better than a lot of words the money-saving oppor tunities your old house offers you.

To insure your letter reaching me, kindly use the envelop inside this catalog.

Our large new catalog, No. 85, is now ready for distribu tion—it is better than ever. Your name and address on the inclosed card will bring it. It will make money for you.

5. a large assortment of letters that are known to have made good, nearly all of them read rapidly. Short and crisp sentences predominate. While long sentences are not necessarily lethargic in their effect, yet they are as good as short sen tences. Notice, for instance, the deadening effect of the following long paragraphs : I am having inclosed with this letter some illustrations of the new —, Demi-Limousine Top, with which we are now supplying our dealers, listed to sell at $195.

The introduction of this desirable feature into our already comprehensive line should lend added force to the arguments I have been presenting you recently in my effort to interest you in the idea of taking the agency for your territory.

Your own experience will confirm the fact that since the automobile has become a daily necessity in the lives of most motor-car owners, rather than just a vehicle for pleasure, it is more and more being used in all kinds of weather, and not just on sunshiny days when the going is good.

Therefore, having an all-weather, all-purpose car is not only desirable, but with most people it is necessary. This fact is responsible for a very pronounced and widespread demand for better protection against inclement weather than is afforded by even the best sort of quick-acting curtains.

This demand is satisfactorily met by the Detachable Top of Limousine type, because such a top offers all the comforts and conveniences, as well as the luxurious appearance, of a regular Limousine body, and enables those who cannot afford to keep both a touring car and a limousine to have the prac tical advantages of both.

The rest of the letter is written in the same sleepy style. Compare it with the following: The new — Demi-Limousine Top (see the illustration inclosed) is listed to sell at $195.

This addition to our big line is another reason why you had better take the — agency.

Since the automobile is now a daily necessity with many owners, adequate protection in bad weather is demanded. The Detachable Top of Limousine type fills this demand. Comfortable, convenient, luxurious, it is both a touring car and a Limousine to those who cannot afford both.

Thus a two-page letter may be livened up merely by condensation. The letter in which long sentences predominate, like the letter quoted above, no matter how perfect the construction, seems longer than it really is; and it is nearly always longer than it ought to be.

6. The the expression of nearly all letters that get action possesses liveliness, that char acteristic is not a fundamental cause of their suc cess. Many letters that are lively in expression fail, and often letters that seem to be somewhat sleepy in expression somehow turn the trick. The big differ ence between letters, like the big difference between salesmen, is in the kind of thought they employ; and the thought that is not actually expressed in the letter is as important as the thought that finds definite ex pression in its pages.

A letter that begins, "We beg to invite your at tention to the fares and the excellent train service of the Railroad from New York when you arrange your return journey," succeeds because the man who planned the letter is wide awake to an op portunity. This letter is sent to incoming guests who register at hotels, with special reference to the guests who indicate to the hotel clerk any interest in train service.

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