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I am sure, from the experience I have had with this very same proposition on manure-spreaders and gasoline engines, that when they •see that separator of ours work, if they are in the market for a separator at all, it simply means that they will buy one, because it is without doubt or question the greatest value in cream-separators ever offered for the money by any manufacturer in the United States, no matter who.

Now, here's what I will do which will interest you! For every sale I make from that list within one year from the date you purchase, I will give you five dollars for your cooperation, and yet I don't require you to do any work ex cept to tell these people in your own way what you think about the machine.

I can afford to do this in order to get in touch with farmers who ought to have cream-separators, because just as soon as these farmers get my letter and go to your place and see the machine, some of them'are going to order one.

This is a chance for us to make a few sales within the next year, and we can do it without very much work either.

Others have done it and you can do it.

I am not going to make this proposition all the time ; I am just making it to get this wonderful new cream-separator started.

I am anxious to get a cream-separator into every square mile of the United States that I possibly can during the next twelve months, because I know just as sure as I am writing this letter that if you buy one of these separators and your neighbors see it, within the next year there is going to be a number of them want separators like it.

Now, I have been perfectly frank with you and have come right out and made you my proposition in as frank a way as I know how, and there are no conditions nor strings to it.

And I want you to be perfectly frank with me and tell me whether or not you can accept it.

I am going to make this proposition good for 15 days from this date, and I would like to hear from you within that time with your order and a nice list of farmers' names.

Well, I guess you will think this is a long letter, but we are about at the end of it. Just think over what I have said. Read it over again, if necessary, to get it thoroly in mind, and remember this: That, first, I have a separator that is up to date, built on the right principle, and right absolutely.

Then, second, the price to you is right down to the chalk mark, and below what some manufacturers who make only a few separators can make them for at actual shop cost.

And, third, I give you a 90-days' unconditional approval test, you to be the judge.

And fourth, this is a special proposition which is a good one ; it has paid others big money and ought to pay you if you accept it.

Can you afford to pass up this opportunity? Will you let me send you one of these separators on trial? I know that after you try it you will keep it ; then I can add you to my already long list of friends who have bought in this very same way.

I am -glad you wrote me, and it is a pleasure for me to answer your inquiry. I want to hear from you by return mail, and have you tell me how you stand on this proposition so I will know what to figure on in your locality.

Yours very truly, 9. Merchandise letters.—In an effort to command interest, irrespective of a sound economic cause of in terest, many writers of sales letters have been led to overdo the so-called "human interest" appeal. In selling baby buggies, for instance, there is the tend ency to talk about the baby and the baby's health rather than about the fine points of the baby buggy itself.

This idea of the "merchandise letter" is well illus trated in a long letter—usually nine or ten pages— sent out each season by a mail-order retailer of ladies' ready-to-wear clothing. All but one of these nine or ten pages are devoted to news about merchandise, classified so that the reader may readily find what is said about the kind of merchandise she is most in terested in at the time she gets the letter. The letter is sent out over the signature of a young woman, who explains her connection in the first part of the letter as follows : You will see by this letterhead that the employs me to give all orders from customers in your territory personal attention. There is no charge whatever for my services. Please write me as freely and as often as you wish. I am employed to make your dealings with this house as pleasant and as satisfactory as possible by giving all your requests personal and individual attention.

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