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statements and periodical

MONTHLY the words "monthly statement" cover a vast variety of statistics and statements, most attention is paid, commercially, to the periodical returns of this nature which are submitted to Those responsible for the working of large concerns, and particularly those enjoying the privilege of limited liability.

Approximate balance sheets may be dealt with in this way, classified " trial balances " (see " Handy Trial Balance Book," published by Gee & Co., 34 Moorgate Street, E.C.), and financial statements of various kinds, in addi tion to stock statements, costing records, advertising expenditure and results, departmental transactions, agents' returns, approximate trading and profit and loss accounts, and comparative records of various classes of expense.

Indeed it may very truthfully be said that there is no limit to the ends to which the use of these periodical statements can be put.

The value of curves and diagrams of all kinds should not be overlooked in this direction, and the increased attention which is being paid to cont mercial statistics generally leads one to hope that some day, in the near future, perhaps, a proper exposition of the art will appear in a permanent form.

. At present. while Mr. Arthur L. Bowley, M.A., F.S.S., has written very learnedly on the matter from a mathematical standpoint ("The Elements of Statistics," King & Son, Orchard House, Westminster), the purely com mercial aspect of the subject has not, so far as we are aware, been systematically dealt with. See PERIODICAL ACCOUNTS ; DAILY STATEMENT.

A form has been published by Mr. G. W. Radley, which is a useful and suggestive example of a monthly statement for submission to a board of directors (see p. 24).