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physician, time and health

CLARE, Sir JAMES, Bart., a distinguished physician, was born at Cullen, Banffshire, Dec., 1788. His early education was obtained at the grammar-school of Fordyce; and he afterwards passed to King's college, Aberdeen, where he took the degree of M.A. He studied medicine at Edinburgh and London, and entered as a navy surgeon in 1809 a position he held until 1815. Taking his degree of M.D. in Edinburgh in 1817, he, after traveling on the continent, settled at Rome, where he practiced as a physician for eight In 1826, he took up his residence in London, where he soon secured for himself a prominent place among the most eminent medical men of the time. On the accession of queen Victoria to the throne, C., who for two years previously had acted as physician to the duchess of Kent, was appointed physician in ordinary to her majesty; and in that capacity he attended the queen on most of her journeys to Scotland and the conti nent. He was created a baronet in 1838. Among the most important of C.'s contribu

tions to medical science, is his work On time Sanative Influence of Climate, a subject upon which he was considered a high authority; and A Treatise on Pvlywnary Consumption. in which he showed that this destructive is one of the general health, depend ing upon mal-assimilation of the food, and to be prevented, and in certain cases arrested, by a wise regulation of food, air, and exercise. He was among the first in his profession, along with Dr. Andrew Combc and sir John Forbes, who demonstrated the importance of the study of the laws of health, in order to the salutary direction and control of morbid action in disease; and he did great public and professional good by inculcating attention to the powers of recovery inherent in all living organisms. C. edited the last edition of Dr. Combe's Management of Infancy. He died June 29, 1870.