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Claude Crebillon

paris, tragedy and king

CREBILLON, CLAUDE PrtosrEn JOLYOT DE, the younger, son of the dramatist, was b. in Paris, Feb. 14, 1707. In an age of licentious manners, lie acquired popularity by a series of romances, remarkable chiefly for their violation of decency, the principal of which are Le Sopha; Le Llasard du Coin du Feu; Les Egarements du Caur et de l'Evrit. His own moral character is described as correct, but his writings undoubtedly served to extend the influence of the immoralities which he described. C. died in Paris, April 12, 1777.

CILiBILLON, PROSPER JOLYOT DE, a French dramatist, was b. at Dijon, in 1674. He was sent to Paris to study law; but ended by devoting himself wholly to poetical pursuits. Ills first piece, La Mort des _Wants de Brutus, was rejected by the actors; but the succeed ing dramas of Roma& (1705) and Atree (1707) were successful. Rhadamiste (1711), a tragedy of the dismal kind, was reckoned C.'s masterpiece, and established his reputa tion. After producing some other pieces, C. fell into pecuniary difficulties and neglect,

and for more than twenty years produced nothing. His talents were then called again into requisition by Mine. de Pompadour, who wished to humble Voltaire. Ile received from the king a pension of 1000 francs, and completed the tragedy of Catilina, for which the king himself supplied all the properties. When 81 years old, C. wrote his tragedy, The Triunirirate, and, still later, commenced but did not finish, another called Cleatade. He died .Lune 17, 1762, and Louis XV. erected a monument to his memory. C., iu general, displays little skill in the conduct of his plots; the monologues of the speakers are too numerous and too long; but in the opinion of his countrymen he is surpassed, in the "grandeur of his sentiments," only by the author of the Cid and Ilorace. The best edition of C.'s works is that published by Didot (2 vols., Paris, 1818).