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Pierre Antoine Noel Daum

napoleon, time and horace

DAUM, PIERRE ANTOINE NOEL BnuNo, Comte, author, and also one of the ablest of the first Napoleon's ministers, was b. at Montpellier, 12th Jan., 1767, and in his sixteenth year entered the army. In 1791, he was appointed intendant of the army of Brittany; but having the misfortune to speak ironically of the English as " our friends," the suspicious revolutionists threw him into prison as a royalist, where he remained till the fall of Robespierre. He spent his time in translating the odes and epistles of Horace (Traduction en Vers. des Poesies d'Horace, 1800). Subsequently, he translated the Satires. In the same year in which his version of Horace appeared (1800), he published Cleopedie ou la Marie des .Reputations en Litterature, a work full of spirit and felicitous turns of thought. His firmness, fidelity, and industry recommended him to Napoleon, who, in 1805, made him a councilor of state, and at a later period, intrusted him with the portfolio of the war department. After the restoration of the Bourbons, he was

made a peer. Thenceforth, lie devoted himself exclusively to letters. He died 5th Sept., 1829.—D. was a member of the institute and of the academy of sciences. His writings are numerous. Besides those already mentioned, the chief are Histoire de la Republique de "revise (7 vols. 1819 to 1821); Histoire de Bretagne (3 vols. 1820); his Elopes; his examination of the Genie du Christianisine; his DLscours sue ks Facultes de l'Homme (in verse); and his Discours sir la Liberte de la Presse.—His son, NAPOLEON COUNT DARU, named after the emperor, was born in 1802, and had the fortune (strangely enough) to be as much disliked by Napoleon III. as his father was liked by Napoleon I. Some time after the coup d'etat, to which he had strongly opposed himself, he was placed on the list of the proscribed.