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William Harris Crawford

chosen, president and senate

CRAWFORD, WILLIAM HARRIS, 1772-1834; b. Ye., but removed with his family to Georgia when a child. He was self-educated, and in 1798 was admitted to the bar. In 1S02, he was chosen a member of the state senate, in which body he presented a resolu tion, which was adopted by both houses of the legislature, requesting Mr. Jefferson to permit his name to be used as a candidate for a third term of the presidency. In 1807, he was chosen to fill a vacancy in the United States senate. During the canvass, he fought two duels, killed one man, and was wounded in the next venture. He was re-elected to the senate in 1811, and in 1812 was chosen president pro tempore when George Clinton, the vice-president, was disabled by sickness. He at first opposed, but finally supported the war with England. In 1813, he was appointed minister to France. where he became one of La Fayette's friends. In 1815, he was made secretary of war, and the next year secretary of the treasury. Crawford thought himself entitled to

succeed Monroe as president, and was nominated by a congressional caucus, which was then the regular way; but this caucus system had grown odious, and there were four other candidates against him, Calhoun, Adams, Jackson, and Clay. Calhoun was paci fied with the vice-presidency, to which he was chosen by 182 out of 261 votes. There was no choice for president, the vote being: Jackson, 99; J. Q. Adams, 84; Crawford, 41; Clay, 37. About the time of the election, Crawford was stricken with paralysis, a disease from which lie never recovered. His condition rendered it impossible to Sider him a candidate when the election Came to be decided in the house of representa Lives, although even in such a condition lie got four of the 24 votes. From this time Crawford was out of the political field. In his own state, he was made a judge, filling the office until his death.