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lace, stripes and stripe

NAUV00, a village of Illinois, on the Mississippi river; 14 miles above Keokuk. It was built by the MORMONS (q. v.) in 1840, and in a few months contained a population of 15,000. Its principal fea ture was a great temple of white lime stone (1841-1845) ; but it had also mills and factories, and the beginnings of a university, and was for a few years a prosperous and happy town. After the expulsion of the Mormons in 1846, the temple was half destroyed by fire in 1848, and further ruined by a tornado in 1850. Pop. about 1,000.

devices, which take the form of stars, gold lace, anchors, leaves, stripes and the like, are those, like the uniforms, in vogue among the navies of the world, dif fering only in details. In the United States navy the insignia used are repre sentative of those in use in the navies of other countries. The rank of the officer is shown by gold lace on the sleeve and devices on the collar, epaulet and shoulder. Admirals wear two stripes of two-inch lace and one stripe of half-inch lace between them. Rear-admirals have

one stripe of two-inch lace and one of half-inch lace above it. Captains have four stripes of half-inch lace; command ers, three stripes of half-inch lace; lieut enant-commanders, two stripes of half inch lace and a stripe of one-quarter inch lace between them; lieutenants, two stripes of half-inch lace; lieutenants of the junior grade, a stripe of half-tnch lace and a stripe of one-quarter inch lace above it; ensigns, one stripe of half 'nch gold lace.

A gold star on the sleeve above the Lace indicates officers of the line of exec utive branch. The lace is worn on the shoulder instead of on the sleeve on the overcoat and white service coat. The rank emblem and corps device are the devices indicating rank which are worn on the epaulet and collar. The corps or nament is a silver foul anchor for line officers and sprig of silver oak leaves for pay corps. In the case of the medical in the Navy Department can become members.