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General Irjames Neill

nejd, arabia and el-hassa

NEILL, GENERAL IRJAMES, K.C.B., an officer of the Madras Fusiliers, who served in the second Burmese war, and distinguished himself during the mutiny, where he commanded his regiment. He took possession of the railway to reach and save Benares, and he then advanced to Allahabad. He was the first to stem the rebellion.

JD or Najd occupies nearly the centre of and is the largest province in, Arabia, being in its greatest limits 640 miles from north to south, and 750 miles from east to west. On the east is the long strip of El-Hassa, or Hajar, on the north that part of Arabia Deserta called Tauf, the Hijaz on the west, with a part of Yemen on the south, and the desert of Ahkaf on the south-east. The surface, as the name implies, is elevated, but it is diversified with mountains, valleys, and plains. Some writers consider the mountainous district of Nejd Arad as a separate province, for Nejd has ' been defined by various writers in various ways. The Turks, in their official documents, include, for political reasons, all the former territories of the Wahabee empire in that:name, giving to their new conquest on the seaboard of El-Hassa the title of ' Our Vilayet of Nejd.' The fact is that.

Nejd is a purely geographical expression, in no sense political, and in Arabia means all the high lying district included within the Nefuds.

The existence of a fresh-water lake at El-Hassa, and of several in Nejd, as ascertained by Captain Sadleir, has established the fidelity of Strabo in this particular. There are others, but of small size, in Arabia Felix, in Tehameh, and in Oman, and one called Salome in Ahkaf. The Anezi, in the time of Burkhardt, were the most powerful Arab nation in the vicinity of Syria, and if their brethren in Nejd be added, they are the most considerable body of Bedouins in the Arabian deserts.----Tr. Boni. Lit: Soc. ; Niebuhr's Tr. ; Ches.