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kingfisher, halcyon, alcedo, gm and gmel

HALCYONIDE, the kingfisher family of birds, of the tribe Fissirostres, order Insessores. It has two sub-families, the Alcedininm and Halcyoninm.

Sub-Fam. Halcyoninze.

Halcyon amauropterus, the brown winged kingfisher of Bengal, Arakau, and Tenasserirn.

Halcyon fulgidus, Gould, is a very beautiful kingfisher of Lomhok. It lives in thickets away from water, and feeds on snails and insects from the ground, like the great laughing jackass of Australia.

Halcyon fuscus, Bodd.

H. Smyrnensis, Sykes. I Alcedo fuse.% Boa. Sade-buk, . . . BEND. 1 Vichuli, . . . . Tem. Match-ranga, . . „ Lak-muka, . . . TEL.

Kilkila, . • . . HIND. Buche-gadu, . . „ The white-breasted kingfisher ; inhabits all India, Ceylon, and eastwards to China.

Halcyon leucocephalus, Gmel.

H. gurial, Pearson. H. brunnioeps, Jerd.

H. Capensis, Linn. Alcedo lcucoceph., Gnu!. H. Javana, Gray.

Gurial, . . . . BENG. 1 Male poyma, . . DIAL.

The brown-headed kingfisher, is over all India and the Archipelago.

Halcyon saurophaga, a very fine kingfisher, with white head, neck, and lower parts, green scapulars, and blue wings and tail, from New Guinea, is a very shy bird, frequenting the margin of the island, usually seen perched on some detached or solitary branch, as if sunning itself, and darting off into the dense bush upon being approached.—Macgillivray, Voyage, i. p. 245.

Halcyon atricapillus, Gmel.

Alcedo atricapillus, Gm. IA. pileata, Bodd. A. brama, Less.

The black-:capped.purple kingfisher ; is rare in India, but more common in the countries east wards to China.

• Halcyon Coromandelianus, Scop.

H. Coromandel., Blyth. I H. lilacina, H. calipyga, Hodgs. H. Scblegelii, Bonap.

The ruddy kingfisher of the Himalaya, Nepal, Sikkim, and the east coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Besides these, are H. cyaniventris from Java, H. concreta from Sumatra, H. pulchella from Malacca and S. Tenasserim.

Todiramphus collaris, Scopoli.

A. chlorocephala, Gm. I A. sacra, Gm.

The white-collared kingfisher of the Sunder buns, Arakan, Tenasserim, Malayana, and Archi pelago. Its feathers are largely prized by the Chinese, who buy the skins at 24 for a dollar.

There are other species in the Nicobars and Archipelago.

Ceyx tridactyla, Pallas.

A. erythica,.Pall. A. purpnrea, Gmel.

The three-toed purple kingfisher, is found in Sikkim, Malayana, and the islands.

' Sub-Fam. Alcedininm.

Alcedo Bengalensis, Gm., common Indian king fisher.

Alcedo euryzona, Temm., great Indian king fisher.

Several species occur east of the Bay of Bengal, viz. A. Beryllina from Java, A. Moluccensis from Moluccas, A. Meningting of Java.

Ceryle rudes, Linn.

Ispidia bicincta, Sw. I. bitorquata, Sw.

Karikata, . . . BENG. I Korayala HIND. Phutka-match-ranga, „ The pied kingfisher ; occurs in Africa and most parts of South Asia and south of Europe. . Ceryle' guttata, Vigors.

Matchi bag, HIND. I Ung kashiya, LEP.

The large-crested black and white kingfisher, is a native of the Himalaya.—Jerdon, i. pp. 221-235.