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Halicore Dugong Cum

malay, indicus and ceylon

HALICORE DUGONG. CUM Trichcchua dugong, Omel. II. Indicus, Owen.

I falicoro edam, //t. I Dugungus Indicus, Ham. II. Indira, Dem.

Indian dugong, . . ENO. Duyung, . . . MALAY. Dugong Lamantin, „ Talla-maha, . . Swum Le dugong des Indes, Fa.

The dugong is an inhabitant of the narrow seas of the Eastern Archipelago ; and Professor Owen denominated it Halicore Indicus, in distinction from that of the northern coast of Australia, at a time when the former had not been ascertained to frequent (as a dugong of some kind is now known to do) the Malabar coast and Gulf of Cal pentyn in Ceylon. It inhabits the shallows of the Indian Ocean and about Ceylon, where the water is not more than 2 or 3 fathoms deep. It does not appear to frequent the land or the fresh water. Its flesh is delicate. The dugong was noticed as occurring in Ceylon by the early Arab sailors, by Megasthenes (Fragm. lix.) and Elian, and subsequently by the Portuguese. It is this creature which gave rise to the tales about mer maids, which have till the present day occupied the world, and doubtless had their origin in the tales of the Arab sailors. They are phytopliagous, or plant-eaters. The species named by authors are— II. Indices, Owen, the Malay dugong, an

inhabitant of the narrow seas of the Eastern Archipelago.

H. tabernaculi, Ruppell, the dugong of the coral banks of the Red Sea, has a feeble voice, and feeds on algae. It is about ten feet long. In February and March bloody battles occur between the males. Its flesh, teeth, and skin are utilized. Their skins, called tun, are used.for sandals.

H. Australis, the manate of Dampier, and white tailed manate of Pennant, is a native of the west coast of Australia.

H. Indicus, F. Caner.

Trichechus dugong, Erx- Ilalicore tabemaculum, leben. .Ruppell.

Ifalicore cetacea, Illeger. Dogungns marinus, Halicore dugong, Curier Tiedemann apud &him% apud H. Hemprichii, Ehrenb.

Dugong of Buffon. Parampuan Taut, MALAY.

Dugong, . . . MALAY.

Under these synonyms Dr. Theodore Cantor unites all the above, which he says inhabits the Red Sea, the seas of the Malay Peninsula, Singa pore, Sumatra, the Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Sunda Islands, and New Holland.—Eng. Cyc. ; Blyth in B. As. Soc. Journ. ; Tennant's Ceylon; Cantor in B. As. Soc. Jour., No. clxxii. of 184G.