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handkerchiefs and colours


Mouchoir, . . FR. I Fuzzoletto, . . . IT.

Tuch, Schnupftuch, GER. Panullo, . . . . SP.

Hurnal, . . . . IIIND. Mahrama, Tunx.

Handkerchief pieces form a considerable article of manufacture and traffic in Southern India. Handkerchiefs, coloured, from Madras, red from Sydapet and Ventapollem, are much admired for the harmony and richness of the colours, and the superiority of texture. Nellore pocket-hand kerchiefs of jean deserve unqualified approbation. The silk handkerchiefs manufactured in Bengal arc known in the market as Bandana, Kora, and Chaps. They are generally figured, and of different colours. They are exported chiefly to the Burmese territories, and sold at from 1 to 5 rupees each. The coloured cotton handkerchiefs manufactured at Ventapollem, on the east coast, are well known in foreign markets, were formerly highly prized for their superior qualities and colours, but they have been driven from the markets by the Madras and Pulicat manufactures, which the community prefer for their superior qualities and colours. Madras handkerchiefs of

superior kinds are sold at rupee each, and inferior sorts at 4 annas to 12 annas ; the colour of the last description is very perishable. The ordi nary colour of the Madras handkerchiefs is red, and Mahomedans and Hindus prefer them to those of other countries. The principal site of the manu facture of silk handkerchiefs for the head is Sering apatam in Mysore ; they are of superior quality, and of red and pink colours ; they are in squares of 6 cubits, and are, in consequence of their gold lace ;borders, sold at. 35 to 100 rupees each. Mad. Ex. J. Rep.