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Hemionitis Cordifolia

lap, dail and jam

HEMIONITIS CORDIFOLIA. In Tenasserim, tear the sea-shore, this species of mule fern, with cordate fronds, is sometimes seen.—Dr. Mason. HEMIPTERA, an order of insects ; several tenera occur in India ; amongst them— can a. Pachycoridle, Dail. Cantuo, Bginot anti Serv.; Callidea, Lap.

ram. Eurygasteridre, Dail. Trigonosoma, Lap. ram. Plataspidm, Dail. Coptosoma, Lap.

rant. Halydidm, Dail. Halys, Fabr.

Pentctamidm, St. Pentatoma, Olive.; Catacan thus, Spin. • Rhaphigaster, Lap.

Edessidie, Dall. Aspongopus, Lap.; Tcsseratoma, Lep. and Sem% ; Cyclopelta, Am. and Serv. Jam. Phyllocephalidre, Dan. Phyllocephala, Lap.

jam. Mictile, Dail. Mictis, Leach.; Crinocerus, Berm. jam. Aniroscelidm, Dail. Leptoscelis, Lap.; Serinetha, Spin.

Jam. Alydidm Dail. Alydus, Fain.; Stenocepbaliche, Dall. Leptocorisa, Latr. cant. Coreidmo, Steph. Rhopalus, Schill.

Jam. Lygmidal, TVestw. Lygmus, Fabr. ; Ithyparoch romus, Curt.

rant. Aradithe, 1Vik. Piestosoma, Lap.

ram. Tingidie, 1V7k. Calloniana, WM.

ram. Cimicidre, IY7k. Cimex, Linn.

ram. Reduviidm, Steph. Pirates, Burnt.; Acanthaspis, Am. Serv.

am. Hydrometridm, Leach. Ptilomera, Am. Serv. 'jam. Nepiche, Leach. Belostoma, Lair. ; Nepa, Linn.

rant. Notonectidm, Steph. Notonceta, Linn. ; Corixa, Geol.

Of the aquatic species, the gigantic Belostoma ndieuni attains a size of nearly three inches. Some if them are most attractive in colour. A green me, often seen on leaves, is quite inoffensive if mmolested, but if irritated exhales an offensive >dour. Insects known as coffee bugs have occa ioned to the coffee planters great losses, against which, seemingly, at present they have no means >f protecting themselves. The whole order emit t powerful odour, and they present a very large >roportion of gay -coloured and conspicuous nsects. The ladybirds (Coccinellidm) and their dlies the Eumorphidw are often brightly spotted is if to attract attention, but they can both emit lnids of a very disagreeable nature ; they are 3ertainly rejected by some birds, and are probably lever eaten by any. The genera of Homoplerous Remiptera, cicada, lystra, monophlebus, ,poly meura, and cyretic have several species hi the E. Fndies.—Tennant.. Sec Insects.