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mungoose, india, bengal and occurs

HERPESTES. Illiger. Mungoose, Maugouste.

Ichneumon, Lacepede. I Mangusta, The Herpestes is a genus of digitigrade carni ' vorous mammalia; and the Egyptian species, the ichneumon, has been noticed by writers from the earliest times, its combats with snakes and its alleged attacks on crocodiles having been men tioned by Aristotle, Diodorus Siculus, Pliny, Strabo, /Dian, and others. The mungoose of India and ichneumon of Egypt are frequently domesticated, and their search for snakes for food is continuous. Jerdon gives 12 species belong ing to British India and the E. Archipelago, 'Si/. H. brachyurus, exilis, fuseus, griseus, Javanicus, Jerdoni, Malaccensis, monticolus, Nipalensis, Smithii, and vitticollis, and retains as synonyms of other authors, Auro-punctatus, Elliotti, nyula, pallidus, pallipes, and rubiginosus.

Herpestes fuscus, 1Vaterhouse, the Neilgherry brown mungoose, occurs in the Neilgherries.

Herpestes griseus, Geoff, Madras mungoose. H. pallulus, Schin::. I Mangusta mungoe, Elliot.

. . . . CAN. Newul, Newara Korai, . . . . Gosn. nyul ..... HIND.

Mangue, . Melia. Yentawa, . . . TEL.

Spread through most parts of S. India, in the open country, thickets, hedgerows. It eats eggs, and kills snakes, and their poison is believed not to affect the mungoose. It is very destructive to

domestic fowls, pigeons. The plants Ophiorhizon mungos and O. serpentinum are said to be eaten by it when bitten by a snake.

Herpestes Malaccensis, F. Cuy., Bengal mungoose.

H. nyula, Hodys. Nwal, Newara, Nyul, HIND. I Baji biji, . . . HIND.

Inhabits Bengal, N. India, Assam, Burma, and Malayana ; lives in burrows made by themselves. Herpestes monticolus, IV. Elliot.

mongoose, ENG. I Konda yentawa, . TEL.

Its tail is long, and tip dark coloured; occurs in the E. Ghats.

Herpestes Nipalensis, Gray.

H. Hodgs. I H. pallipes, Blyth.

The gold-spotted mungoose is found in the Panjab, all over the Lower Himalaya from Sikkim to Kashmir and Afghanistan ; also southwards in Bengal, Assam, Burma, and Malay Peninsula.

Herpestes Smithii, Gray, ruddy mungoose.

H. Elliotti, Blyth. H. rubiginosus, Helaart.

Occurs near Madras, at the foot of the E. Ghats and Neilgherries, also in Ceylon.

Herpestes vitticollis, Bennet, the stripe-necked mungoose of the W. Ghats, from near Dharwar to Cape Comorin.