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Hind Mahdi Arab

believe, sect and mandi

MAHDI. ARAB., HIND. A guide ; according to the Shiah sect of Muhammadans, the twelfth and last of the Imams or successors of Ali. The Mandavi part of the Shiah sect believe him to be still alive. The Chair Mandavi believe that he has been on, but has disappeared from, earth. The Sunni sect believe that Mandi is yet to come. From time to time, amongst the Mubammadans, persons have been appearing claiming to be the Mandi. One of these appeared in Hindustan at Jonepur early in the 16th century; his followers are the Gliair,Mandi. In the early part of 1884 one such rose in the Soudan in Northern Africa, and gained many adherents. There are continual prophetic announcements made. There is an old widespread prophecy that the Mandi is to appear in the 14th century of the llijim, which begins about 1886. The adherents of a numerous sect, which has ramifications throughout all Northern Africa, believe that the Msdidi is to bear the name of Abdullah, his father's name to be Mahmud, his mother's Aminat, while his vicegerent is to be called:Abdul 3tuttalib. The 3landi's troops

attacked Jazireh, which, as its name signifies, is an isle near Berber. The explanation is that there is an old tradition that the future ruler of the Soudan will come from that isle. The people of the Soudan are very superstitious ; and the fall of the flag by a gust of wind on the occasion of Tewfik's proclamation at Khartoum was looked on as an omen of the end of Muhammad Ali's dynasty. There is an old tree opposite Cook's office at Jerusalem in Tophet, belonging to an old family, and protected by the Sultan's firman, and the Arabs believe that it will fall when the Sultan's rule ends. It lost a largo limb during the Turco-Russian war, and is now in a very decayed state. All Muhammadans believe that Mandi will reappear before the second coming of Christ, and the most of them indicate Damascus as the site. See Imam.