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alien, denization and born

DENIZEN, an alien born, who has been constituted an English subject by letters of denization granted by the crown through the home secretary of state. The facilities for an alien becoming natural ized., which the act 7 & 8 Viet. c. 66, provides, will render it easier for aliens to obtain naturalization than it was pre viously to obtain the lesser privilege of denizenship ; and therefore, speaking of the future, denization will probably not be resorted to. Before this act was passed the number of aliens who became deni zens was about twenty-five annually, and the number who were naturalized was about seven. The cost of letters patent of denization was 1201., and it was the prac tice for the Home Office to insert several names in one patent for the purpose of diminishing the expense. A denizen is in a kind of middle state between an alien and a natural-born subject. [Auza.] He may take lands by purchase or de vise, which an alien cannot ; but he can not take by inheritance, for his parent through whom he must claim, being an alien, had no inheritable blood. A deni

zen cannot transmit real property to those of his issue who were born before his denization. By 11 & 12 Wm. III. c. 6, a natural-born subject may derive a title to inheritance through alien pa rents or ancestors ; the statute 25 Geo.

II. c. 39, provided that the person who claimed under the statute of William III. mast be in existence at the time of the death of the person to whom he claims as heir ; but if the claimant be a female and have afterwards a brother or sister born, the estate will descend to the brother, or she and her sister will take it ea coparceners. A denizen, when other wise qualified, may vote for members of parliament. Naturalization gives the same privileges as denization and some thing more. [NATURLLIZATION.] A denizen cannot be a member of the privy council, or sit in either House of Parlia ment, or hold any office of trust, civil or military, or be capable of any grant of lands or other thing from the crown.