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ENGLAND AND WALES.—The number of county constituencies before the Reform Act was 52, returning collectively 94 members : viz. two for each county of England, except Yorkshire ; four for the latter county ; and one for each county of Wales. The several cities and boroughs which are counties-corporate were ex cluded from the limits of the several shires within which they were locally situated viz., from Carmarthenshire, the town of Carmarthen ; from Kent, the city of Canterbury ; from Cheshire, that of Chester; from Warwickshire, that of Coventry ; from Gloucestershire, that of Gloucester ; from Yorkshire, the town of Kingston-upon-Hull and the city of York ; from Lincolnshire, the city of from Middlesex, London; from Northum berland, the town of Newcastle-upon Tyne ; from Dorsetshire, Poole ; from Worcestershire, the city of Worcester • and from Hampshire, the town of South. am ton.

The Reform Act increased the number et constituencies to 82, by dividing into two electoral districts each of the 25 counties in schedule F of the act : constituting each of the three ridings of Yorkshire a dis tinct district for the same purpose ; and in like manner severing the Lindsey divi sion of Lincolnshire from the other por tion of that county, and the Isle of Wight from Hampshire. The number of county members was raised from 94 to 159, as fol lows :—Two are assigned to each division of each of the counties in schedule F and of Lincolnshire ; two to each riding of Yorkshire : one member is added to each of the seven undivided counties included in schedule F 2 of the act ; one to each of the three Welsh counties of Carmar then, Denbigh, and Glamorgan ; and one is assigned to the Isle of Wight, sepa rately from Hampshire.