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Albert I

emperor, brandenburg and henry

ALBERT I, Margrave of surnamed the Bear, from his heraldic emblem. was the son of Otto the Rich, Count of Balk! stadt ; d. 1170. As Marquis of Lusatia he Senne the Emperor Lothaire with credit in his with Bohemia. The Diet afterward withdrew Lusatia from him, but the Emperor for funk' services conferred on him in 1134 the gravate of Brandenburg. In 1136-37 he made incursions into the territory of the Wends, who disturbed his government, and checked thee disorders. In 1138 the Emperor Conrad ferred on him the duchy of Saxony, of which he had deprived Henry the Proud. This led a war with Henry, in which Albert was depnved of Brandenburg, but was restored by an armis tice negotiated by the ecclesiastical electors. Or the death of Henry (1139) he reassumed the title of Duke of Saxony. A combination then formed against him, which, in spite the favor of the Emperor, reduced him to tremities. Peace was concluded in 1142. Alfieri, resigned Saxony and Brandenburg was to an immediate fief of the empire. Re acTilre" at the same time by inheritance from Przlbrib' i a Vandal king who had taken his name n tism, the country between the Elbe and the Oder. He made his new possessions a fief

the empire and in order the better to guard them removed his residence to Brandenburg In 1148 he led an expedition into Pomerania and in the following year induced the duke of that country to embrace Christianity. In 1150 he was raised to the electoral dignity. In 1157 he made a third expedition against the Wends, conquered their country and colonized it with agriculturists from Germany, Holland and Zea land. In 1164 he went on a crusade to the Holy Land. Another war broke out between him and Henry, Duke of Saxony, which was termi nated to the advantage of the latter in 1168 by the mediation of the Emperor Frederick I. In 1169 Albert remitted his estates to his son. The origin of Berlin, Köln, Aachen on the Elbe and other towns is attributed to the colonies founded by him. Consult Heinemann, 'Albrecht der Bar' (Darmstadt 1864).