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viceroy and ormuz

ALBUQUERQUE, Affoneo d', "the Great, viceroy of the Indies: b. near Lis bon 1453; d. Goa, 16 Dec. 1515. The Portu guese had discovered and subjugated a great part of the western coast of Africa and were beginning to extend their dominion over the seas and the people of India. Albuquerque. being appointed viceroy of these new posses sions, with a fleet and some troops landed on the Malabar coast in 1503; conquered Goa. which he made the seat of the Portuguese gov ernment and the centre of its Asiatic com merce; and afterward Ceylon, the Sunda Isles, the Peninsula of Malacca, and the island of Ormuz at the entrance of the Persian Gulf. When the King of Persia sent for the tribute which the princes of this island had formerly rendered to him, Albuquerque presented bullets and swords to the ambassador, saying: This is the coin in which Portugal pays her tribute."'

He made the Portuguese name profoundly re spected among the princes and people of the East; and many of them, especially the Kings of Siam and Pegu, sought his alliance and pro tection. He maintained strict military discip line, was active, far-seeing, wise, humane and equitable, respected and scared by his neigh bors while beloved by his subjects. His virtues made such an impression on the Indian peoples that long after his death they resorted to his grave to implore his protection against the mis government of his successors. Yet he did not escape tlic cuvy ui Luoi ucis and the suspicions of his King, who appointed Soarez, a personal enemy of Albuquerque, to supersede him as viceroy. This news reached him just as he was leaving Ormuz, and gave a severe shock to his shattered health and he died a few days later.