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ALDEGREVER, iil'cle-gra'v&, or ALDB, GRAF, Heinrich, German artist: b. Pader born, Westphalia, 1502; cl. Soest before 1561; the most important artist of Westphalia during the 16th century and one of the great names in Th German art. The story of his life can only be gathered from fragmentary allusions which tell us that he was the son of Hermann Aldegrever (the family name was really Trippenmeker, which the artist used in signing some of his works), that he became a citizen of Soest, where be was highly esteemed and where he died. The last date known on any work by him was 1555. Aldegrever was eminent as goldsmith, painter and engraver. In the first capacity he lead such patrons as Duke Wilhelm of Cleve, and like most artists of his day, worked at various re lated branches of the craft (glass, small sculp ture, etc.). His paintings are not numerous but of a very high standard. The 'Portrait of a Young Man) now in the Liechtenstein Gallery in Vienna, perhaps his masterpiece in this art, or the

paintings of high quality by the master are 'The Resurrection' at Prague and a