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ALDERMAN, Edwin Ander son, American educator: b. Wilmington, N. C., 15 May 1861. He was educated at the Univer sity of North Carolina; was superintendent of the public schools of Goldsboro, N. C., 1884 87; assistant State superintendent of North Carolina, 1889-92; professor of English and history at the State Normal College, 1892-93; professor of education, University of North Carolina, 1893-96; president of University of North Carolina; 1896-1900; president of Tulane University of Louisiana, 1900-04; LL.D. the University of the South, Tulane University, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia Univer sity, Yale University, University of North Carolina, Williams College, Dartmouth College and Harvard University; member of General Education Board and vice-president National Education Association, 1903; member of Vir ginia State Geological Commission; member of Rockefeller Sanitary Commission; member of Virginia State Educational Commission; mem ber of council of American Association for In ternational Conciliation; member of Board of Visitors of United States Military Academy, West Point, 1893; member of executive coun cil of American Civic Alliance; member of Maryland and Louisiana Historical societies; member of American Academy of Social Sciences; member of Century Club, New York city, 1912; director Southern Railway. Author:

'A Brief History of North Carolina,' Life of William Hooper,' 'Life of Jabez Lamar Mon roe Curry,' Obligations and Opportunities of Citizenship,' 'Southern Idealism,' The Spirit of the South,' 'Sectionalism and Nationality,' 'The Growing South' and editor-in-chief of 'Library of Southern Literature.'