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ad and century

ALEXANDER of Aphrodisias, surnamed ; lived about 200 A.D.; a learned com mentator on the works of Aristotle. (4) AL EXANDER CORNELIUS, surnamed Polyhistor, of the 1st century s.c. He was made prisoner dur ing the war of Sulla ,in Greece and sold as a slave to Cornelius Lentulus, who took him to Rome, made him the teacher of his children and restored him to freedom. The surname Polyhistor was given him on account of his prodigious learning. The most important of his voluminous works was one in 42 books, con taining historical and geographical accounts of nearly all the countries in the ancient world. (5) A Greek rhetorician and poet, surnamed Lychnus; lived about 30 s.c., wrote astronom ical and geographical poems. (6) ALEXAN DER NUMENIUS; a Greek rhetorician and teacher of elocution, of the 2d century A.D., two of whose works are historically known. (7) ALEXANDER the Paphlagonian; a celebrated im postor who lived about the beginning of the 2d century A.D., obtained a great influence with

the people as an oracle; pretended to be .2Esculapius reappeared. Lucian chiefly has made him known to us. (8) A Greek rhetori cian of the 2d century A.D., surnamed Pelopla ton, who vanquished Herodes Atticus in a rhe torical contest. (9) ALEXANDER PHILALETHES; a physician of the 1st century s.c., who suc ceeded Zeuxis as president of the famous He rophilean school of medicine. (10) SAINT AL EXANDER (d. 326 A.D.) ; the Patriarch of Al exandria from 312 A.D.; an opponent of Arius; member of the Council of Nice (325 A.D.) ; commemorated in the calendar 26 February. (11) ALEXANDER of Tralles; an eminent physi cian of Lydia, of the 6th century A.D.; author of two extant Greek works.