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Alfonso Xiii

queen, king and daughter

ALFONSO XIII, King of Spain, son of Alfonso XII and Maria Christina, daughter of Karl Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria: b. after his father's death, 17 May 1886, succeeding by his birth,' being a male, his eldest sister. His mother was made queen regent during his minority. On 17 May 1902 the young King for mally acceded to the throne and took the oath prescribed by the Constitution, the Queen Re gent having taken official leave of the ministry on the 12th. The United States was represented at the ceremony by special envoy. Alfonso married 31 May 1906 Princess Ena of Batten burg, daughter of the late Prince Henry of Battenburg and Princess Beatrice (daughter of the late Queen Victoria). An attempt was made by anarchists to assassinate the King and Queen on their wedding day by throwing a bomb at the royal carriage. Among those arrested in connection with the plot was the celebrated educator, Francisco Ferrer (q.v.), whose execution caused much bitter feeling against the young monarch. He has, however, regained his popularity with the nation and has shown himself to be on the whole a liberal minded ruler and a supporter of the anti-cleri cal party. The King has a civil list, fixed by

the Cortes (1886), of 7,000,000 pesetas or $1,400,000.

ALFORD, 41'fird, Henry, an English poet and miscellaneous writer, philologist, critic, artist and preacher: b. London, 7 Oct. 1810; d. Canterbury, 12 Jan. 1871. He became dean of Canterbury in 1856. An accomplished man, his literary work attracted attention in several de partments. Besides sermons and university lectures he wrote The School of the Heart, and Other Poems' (1835), his most popular volume of verse; 'The Queen's English' (1866). He was best known by his celebrated edition of the Greek New Testament (1844-52) which, incorporating the results of German Bib lical scholarship, formed a landmark in New Testament study in England and America. He was the first editor of the Contemporary Review.