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ALLIANCE, Ohio, a city of Stark County, 56 miles southeast of Cleveland, an important railroad centre for the Lake Shore and Michi gun Southern, Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, Alliance, Niles and Ashtabula, Cleveland and Pittsburg railways and three interurban lines. Located in a fertile grain 'growing region on the Mahoning River 1,000 feet above the sea and 500 feet above the level of Lake Erie, close to coal mines and an un limited supply of natural gas, Alliance's lead ing industries are electric overhead cranes, heavy machinery, structural iron, boilers, brass, bronze and copper goods, steel foundries, over alls, flour mills, cash registers, agricultural im plements, pipe organs, rubber goods, auto tires auto jacks, electric furnaces, hollow tile, cattle feed, butter and cheese. The United States census of 1914 recorded 52 manufacturing es tablishments of factory grade, employing 2,806 persons, of whom 2,333 were wage earners re ceiving $1,617,000 in wages. The aggregate

capital engaged was $8,665,030, and the output was valued at $7,175,000; of tins, $3,519,000 was added by manufacture. These figurei show an increase of 17 per cent since 1909. It has an annual bank clearing averaging $26,700,000 and an annual payroll of $8,000,000. Among its public buildings are the city hall, Mount Union College, Carnegie library, the Y. M. C. A. in stitution and numerous church edifices, includ ing those of German, Greek Catholic and Ru manian faiths. The city is administered by a mayor elected biennially, seven councilmen, a director of public safety and a director of pub lic service. The annual recepits average $491, 600; expenditures, $405,000. The city owns its water-works plant. Alliance dates from a set tlement of 1838 named Freedom; it was re named Alliance in 1851, was incorporated as a village in 1854 and received a city charter in 1883. Pop. (1910) 15,083; (1916) 22,600.