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Liberal Republican Party

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LIBERAL REPUBLICAN PARTY, in American politics, a party organized in 1872 by Republicans, who were dissatisfied with Gen eral Grant's first administration as President. At a convention held by them in Cincinnati, in that year, Carl Schurz was elected its president, and a platform adopted demanding civil service reform, local self-government and universal amnesty, recognizing the equality of all men, recommending the resumption of specie pay ment, etc. Horace Greeley and B. Gratz Brown were named for President and Vice-President. This platform and these nominations were adopted by the regular Democratic convention of that year, hut dissensions arose, and other candidates were nominated, the result being that the Republican nominee, General Grant, was elected by an overwhelming majority and the Liberal Republican party was thereafter practically dead. The real strength of the

party lay in its presidential candidate, Horace Greeley, who had a large following, particularly of the farming element throughout the coun try, which was secured through the large and widespread circulation of the New York Weekly Tribune, of which Greeley was the editor. Among those connected with the party were Charles Francis Adams. Lyman Trum bull, David Davis, Horace White and David A. Wells. Consult Fess, S. D., 'History of Political Theory and Party Organization in the United States' (Boston 1910); Hart, A. B., 'Cyclopedia of American Government' (New York 1914); Woodburn, J. A., 'Political Parties in the United States' (ib. Dun ning, W. A., 'Reconstruction' (ib. 1907); Rhodes, J. F., 'History of the United States' (1906).