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Lied Von Der Glocke

bell and schillers

LIED VON DER GLOCKE, Das. This poem of Schiller's deals with the casting of a bell from the moment when the mold is com pleted to the one in which the new bell is lifted from the pit. In 10 stanzas distributed all through the poem the different stages of its making are described. Between these stanzas reflections on and scenes from human life, sug gested by certain data in the different stages of the casting, are inserted. Such happy and un happy events and conditions in the life of the individual and of the community as are usually announced by the ringing of bells are portrayed, e.g., wedding and family life by the wedding bells, revolution by the alarm bells. The whole is spoken by the master bell-founder to his assistants during the work. 'The Song of the Bell,' composed in 1799, gives better evidence of Schiller's genius than any other of his shorter poems. It is distinguished alike by

matter-of-fact accuracy, vivid description, ideal ism and practical Nvi..cluni of liic. In form the stanzas dealing with the casting are all of the same fixed structure and constitute the back bone of the poem, while the (,they portions allowing full sway to the spontaneous flow of conceptions display the most diverse means of versification. On 10 Aug. 1805 Goethe had 'The Song of the Bell) produced on the stage as a memorial to Schiller (died 9 May 1805), and he himself composed for this occasion his famous poem 'Epilogue to Schiller's Bell.' Consult edition of Schiller's works in 'Deutsche (Vol. I 1882-98); Schil ler's poems selected by J. S. Nollen (1905) special edition by C. P. Otis (1885) ; English translation in 'German Classics) (Vol. III).