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Milking Machine

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MILKING MACHINE, a mechanical ap paratus for milking cows without hand labor. The milking is accomplished by producing a vacuum at the end of the cow's teat. The ap paratus consists of a rigid teat cup with a collapsible upper edge for the purpose of pre venting the entrance of air, and which receives the milk, the four cups being attached to four rubber tubes which are connected to a larger rubber tube emptying into a covered pail. One or two cows are attached to a pail and the vacuum is furnished by a large pump, run by electricity or gasoline, and is made intermittent by means of a pulsator piston. Some machines are provided with an air filter which further lessens the danger of contamination to the milk. While the machines are still in process of im provement there are several which perform their work efficiently and without injury to the cow, while at the same time producing milk in which the bacteria count is reduced to a mini mum provided the apparatus is kept thoroughly clean and the rubber tubes and teat cups im mersed in a 10 per cent solution of salt when not in use. The bearing of the machine on the

labor problem is considerable, since two men can raise food and otherwise provide requisite care for a herd of cows for which three milkers are required. The practicability of the machine depends largely upon the size of the herd, the attitude of the men toward the machine and their adaptability in using it. Young cows are said to take more readily to machine milking than those long milked by hand, and young cows hard to milk because of short teats and older cows known as ((hard-milkers* are often more satisfactorily milked by the machine than by hand. A quiet, well-treated herd is said to yield more readily to the use of the machine than a herd roughly handled. In some cases no difficulty is encountered in milking by the machine, and in others it is found more practical for one man to operate two double milking units while a second man follows and gstrips.i