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Mill Valley

millais, lord and london

MILL VALLEY, Cal., town, 12 miles north of San Francisco on the Northwestern Pacific Railroad. Marin County, in which this town is situated, is noted for its beautiful scenery. Mill Valley is in a fine fruit-growing district and owns its waterworks. Pop. 2,550.

mina', SIR John Everett, Eng lish painter: b. Southampton, England, 8 June 1829; d. London, 13 Aug. 1896. His earliest years were spent in Jersey and at Dinan in France, and at the age of eight he was sent to study art under Mr. Sass in London. In 1840 he became a student in the Royal Academy, and in 1846 he exhibited his 'Pizarro seizing the Inca of Peru.' Next year the gold medal of the Academy was awarded to his 'Young Men of Benjamin seizing their Brides.' In 1848, along with Holman Hunt, Dante G. Rossetti and others, he founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Among the chief works of this period are 'A Huguenot,' 'The Order of Re lease) and the 'Proscribed Royalist.' In 1853 he was elected an associate of the Royal Academy, and 10 years later Academician. For a few years thereafter his pictures were still in fluenced by the Pre-Raphaelite principles, which he gradually abandoned. He developed into a splendid colorist, a master of technique and altogether a great modern master. Numerous

honors fell to him; he was decorated with the Legion of Honor in 1878, elected a member of the Academie des Beaux-Arts in 1882, created a baronet in 1885 and elected to succeed Lord Lei:..ton as president of the Royal Academy in 1: ' ; but he only held this last position about six months, dying on 13 August of the same year. He was most successful in figure-pieces and portraits, but he also produced a certain number of landscapes, one of the finest being 'Chill October' (1871). He painted portraits of some of the foremost men of the day, in cluding Mr. Gladstone, Lord Beaconsfield, Lord Salisbury, Mr. Ruskin, Lord Tennyson and others. Consult Baldry, A. L, 'Millais: His Art and Influence' (London 1899) ; Bayliss, 'Five Great Painters of the Victorian Era' (New York 1902) ; Hare, T. L., 'Leaders of English Pre-Raphaelites' (New York 1909) ; Millais, J. G., 'Millais' Life and Letters' (Lon don 1899) ; Reid, J. E, 'Sir J. E. Millais' (New York 1909) ; Spielmann, 'Millais and His Works' (London 1898).