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MILLET, Francis Davis, American artist, author, war correspondent and illustrator: b. Mattapoiset, Mass., 3 Nov. 1846; d. 15 April 1912, one of the victims of the Titanic steam ship disaster. During the Civil War he acted as drummer and assistant surgeon. In 1869 he was graduated A.B. and A.M. in 1872 at Har vard University. While contributing and illus trating special articles for American publica tions he studied, in 1871-72 at the Royal Acad emy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, and in France and in Italy. In 1877-78 he was official correspondent for the New York Herald, the London Graphic and the London Daily News during the Russo Turkish War, receiving Russian and Rumanian medals and decorations for bravery. In 1885 he was elected to the National of Design, later to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and was made an honorary mem ber of the American Institute of Architects. He was awarded medals for pictures exhibited in 1889 at Paris, in 1893 at Chicago where he was in charge of the decorations and functions in connection with the World's Fair, and in 1901 at Buffalo. In 1898 he was correspondent for the London Times and Harper's Weekly in the Philippines. In 1905-06 he was actively en gaged in organizing and securing endowment for the American Academy at Rome, of which he was elected the first secretary. Among his

best-known paintings are An Old-Time Melody> and (A Cozy Corner) in the Metro politan Museum, also (At the Inn' in the Union League Club, New York city; (Between Two in the National Gallery of British Art, London. Portraiture includes paintings of Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, and of Mrs. Millet. His best-known works are his five mural paintings, notably the (Evolution of Navigation' in the Baltimore (Md.) Custom-house, and those in the Essex County Courthouse, Newark, N. J.; the Hud son County Courthouse, Jersey City, N. J.; the Cleveland, Ohio, post office; the Supreme Court at. Madison, Wis., and in. the Minnesota State Capitol. Besides his numerous contribu tions to periodical literature his published books include 'Capillary Crime and Other Stories' (1892); 'The Danube' (1892) ; (The Expedi tion to the Philippines' (1899). With Maj. Archibald W. Butt, another victim of the Titanic disaster, he is commemorated by a memorial fountain erected in 1913 in Wash ington, D. C.