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munich, bavaria and mediaeval

QUAGLIO, kwa'1E-6, name of a family of painters, originally belonging to Laino, Lago 'Maggiore, Italy, but afterward dwellers in Mu nich. The most eminent among them, Domenico (b. Munich, 1 Jan. 1786; d. Hobensehsvangau, 9 April 1837), was .for 11 years decorative painter for the Munich Theatre. He subse quently turned his attention to oil-painting and also executed etchings and lithographs. He traveled through Germany, along the Rhine, to the Netherlands, to France, Switzerland and Italy, with the obiect of studying mediaeval architecture as a subject for painting. During the latter period of his life he was engaged by the Crown Prince Maximilian of Bavaria in the restoration and decoration of the castle of Hohenschwangau. He was member of the Academy of Munich and Berlin and one of the first German artists•-to produce in painting architectural effects of a thoroughly artistic quality. He also published books on the mediae val buildings of Bavaria; on the most note worthy buildings of Munich, and on the archi tectural statuary of Bavarian mediaeval build ings. His brother, LORENZ QUAGLIO (b. Munich,

19 Dec. 1793; d. there, 15 Moith MO, directed his studies to genre painting and lithography. In this latter department of art he reached the highest excellence. His paintings consist of incidents from mediaeval life and his land scapes are taken from the highlands of Bavaria. The third brother, SIMON QUAGLIO (b. Munich, 23 Oct. 1795; d. there, 8 March 1878), was scene painter and decorator to the Hof Theatre and executed many exceedingly clever pictures in oil, chiefly of architetural subjects and dis tinguished for faultless perspective, beauty of design and brilliancy of coloring. ANGELO, son of the last (b. Munich, 13 Dec. 1829; d. there, 5 Jan. 1890), was scene painter to the Bavarian Hof Theatre and by his architectural decora tions gained a world-wide reputation.